Last week I announced baby J's baptismal and I'd like to update you all about it. The baptismal went well and our attendees were just the family members of hubs. As you all know my family is not here so that leaves me "alone" on this special occasion. We sent out invitation to my godfather and godmother there in LA but due to work schedule they didn't make it. I was hoping they could come so I can have them as my parents' representative. Oh well, can't blame them because I know how busy it is here.

Here are some photos for last Sunday's event, with our little prince who looked so cute in his baptismal outfit given by his godmother. I am not posting anymore any of those "not so happy looking" photos which were criticized by my bestfriend after seeing it. Don't get me wrong about not being so happy, I was very happy that finally our son's being baptized. Just the thought that I don't have any of my family members with me to celebrate our very special family occasion made me feel a bit empty. I know if this is just as near as other Asian countries then my family will be back and forth visiting us here, unfortunately we're on the opposite side of the globe.

The three of us woke up early that day to prepare ahead so we won't be late. Since baby came I've been late to most of our appointments. I used to be the on-time and early bird but now it all changed, baby's dictating our time. It was harder when he was younger but so far it's getting better. Schedule wise he's keeping up with us little by little. I had a last minute change of blouse because the one I originally chose didn't work out so good when I practice feed baby. Baby also had to omit the bow tie, it was too snug on his neck and I fear that he might end up crying once he gets irritated.

The ceremony wasn't that long and 2 other babies were also baptized together with Jariel. He's very behaved and didn't even cry when the priest poured water on his head and later on oil. Mommy and daddy were so so so proud!! After the ceremony we had some picture taking then off to the reception place. We changed venue from the buffet restaurant to the Korean BBQ Restaurant hubs' aunt suggested. The foods were great and it was definitely a feast! Too bad blogger mommy didn't have any chance to take pictures because I had to nurse baby right away after being seated there. I had to ask hubs to get foods for me, all I can do was to use my right hand with the chopsticks as baby and mommy were both eating the same time. After eating everybody went home and that concluded our Sunday.

Hubs and I finally decided to have our own website and I came out with the name CouchBaby.com. Right now it's still on the works and hopefully will be launched soon. We're hoping to have there our online store and other business ventures aside from the usual blogging.

We were brainstorming for a possible website name and everything that I mentioned were taken already. Imagine 3-4hrs of thinking and nothing! We continued the night after and just when hubs was asking me I had baby on my arms resting so nice on me. I just blurted couch baby thinking of couch potato. In my mind baby's living like a couch potato seeing him so cozy on my arms.

This is just a trial site for now and nothing grand like having to get dedicated server hosting, colocation services or managed hosting solutions. We'll probably get into these when we see great potential with our site.

Tomorrow will be baby's baptismal and I'm quite excited to dress him up =) with the prince inspired baptismal clothes that his godmother sent him. I can say this boy is really lucky, since the time he was born he's been receiving many packages. Of course mommy and daddy are lucky too, those packages helped us so much in cutting the costs of buying clothes and other things for baby.

Last Thursday I waited whole day for that special package and even if I wanted to rest and take a little nap I just simply can't in fear that I might miss the package delivery. I checked on the site that it needs my signature therefore the delivery man won't just leave it by our door if nobody attended to his knock. Right after getting the package I opened it and put it on baby. He's so cute!! One thing that amazed me is how big he is now, imagine his asian size is equivalent to 6months already. No wonder mom and my bestfriend always say he's so big whenever we chat.

Last time I posted about our on-going car search and I remember Lina asking me when we'll be most likely finalizing our car deal. I also talked to hubs about it and he said once we're done with the baptismal stuff then we can further proceed. We'll just finish the last of this expense and then work on our car deals. I actually agree with him too, we want to have extra padding for baby, car or whatever deals we'll be dealing with. So far I have been so busy and didn't have time to search for cars. I'll check out those other models like Nissan Altima, Ford f-150, Toyota Tacoma, Cadillac sts just to compare also the advantages and disadvantages of our previously chosen models. This car deal alone is tiring and time consuming =P
There's a nearby (as in a block away) heritage theater from where we live and it's quite a shame we never had the chance to see anything there. There was once an opportunity when hubs sister was performing with the school band there but baby's too young to be brought out at chilly night time considering he was just about 2months old. We missed to watch the performance so as hubs, he had to do overtime that night too.

I remember browsing show schedules there while I was pregnant but later on just felt bad that we'll be missing good shows at the start of 2010 most especially Cirque de Soleil. Hopefully next year they will have it again so we can take baby with us and see the show. By that time we can also check out alamodome tickets, disneyworld, marcus amphitheater tickets, and minutemaid park tickets. So much things we want to do with baby in the future =P

Baby and I have been going out just to have a little sun and check the mailboxes as much as we can everyday but there are days when the weather is just bad like so chilly and a bit of showers, those days we just stay home and just leave the mail checking with daddy. So far that's part of our everyday routine since the mail boxes here always get junk mails like newsprints for groceries and other ad mails.

...baby all dressed up so warm whenever we go out and about...

One advantage of having residential mailboxes outside is that we really have to go out, that gives us more reason to do some outdoor activity. For now baby only goes out very seldom but once he's months older then we'll both be going to places together. The farthest place we went to on foot was daddy's office, we surprised hubs one time. I walked baby all the way to his office and back home. That served as my exercise and baby's day out.


Just a little update about our home re-arranging deals and stuffs, we're practically done weeks ago and just waiting for a shelving we purchased online which hasn't been delivered up to now. Perhaps the flooding in the other part of US has something to do with the big delay. No pictures to post yet since I have been lazy to take photos of our place just yet. Soon, soon...soon =)

Since they moved out from here it felt like we just moved in our apartment because it got so empty and we finally get to use our wedding gifts. I can still remember how hard it was for us to pack and work with the shipping company to have a cargo container full of things ship here from the Philippines. Hubs and I had no other choice but to deal with the cargo shipping in preparation to the migration of his family back again here in US that time. So much stress!

That move wasn't that practical doing it from the Philippines going here, it cost big sum of money. Good thing if ever there will be another need to move anywhere, there are many removal companies which can offer great services and help making it easier for movers like us. In the future we might need to use such service when we plan to finally settle back to my homeland. No more problems looking for moving boxes to carry and organize precious things, special boxes and packaging will already be provided and better quality than what we used before. We can breathe with ease feeling that our stuffs will be protected upon the move. Isn't that great?

This is a fun and easy, thanks so much for tagging me Monica

Here are the rules :

1. Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder

2. Select the 8th photo in that folder

3. Post that photo along with the story behind it

4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

This shot was taken by yours truly last January 17, 2009 when dad, hubs, elisse and I went to the fishing area dad always goes to. Before going there we visited the lot property we own nearby then headed to the pond area. We also wanted to bring hubs there so he could relax a bit and have some fresh air. We couldn't stay so long because that day was hubs' little sister's birthday so we didn't really get our hands to throw some reels and go fishing. Dad bought freshly caught fishes and made us bring over to my in-laws later on. The day out was fun even if it was short time, the memories we made there with our little elisse is all worth it. Oh my....I miss this little girl =(

mimi, leia & luna, anya, mummy gwen, merryn, ladyviral, icy, diane it's your turn to make this tag =)

Hubs and I haven't settled for the car that we want to get since we are still on our final review of our funds for our spending goals like the car, plane tickets and house. As much as possible we want to maximize our funds and not just spend it unplanned. Money doesn't grow on trees so it's tough balancing everything without having to empty our resources.

Just about few weeks ago we had another car problem and hubs spend quite an amount the cover up the repairs including head gasket change and more. Good thing this time his papa didn't insist on doing it and really made the mechanic work on it. At least it's a guaranteed work, we won't really need to worry about another breakdown and so. Who would've thought that same car drove down to LA about twice or thrice. The trusty car didn't even have to pay a visit in Los Angeles auto repair and was perfectly fine on the road. Now we don't think we can bring it all the way too far anymore, having car trouble on the road with baby in... I don't even want to think about it.

So far I've seen few cars that we can choose from like kia sportage, ford explorer and isuzu rodeo. Those 3 are among our top car search contenders but we're open with other suv's available as long as the price is right. We're really hoping we can settle the car thing already so we can finally move on the house plans. It would be really good to have a bigger home space plus lawn space so baby can play around freely in time. He's growing quite fast...we're being surprised everytime we stare at him these days.

The other day hubs was talking about getting our own server to support all our files and make way for future business plans. It was just all talks but we might consider it seriously in time. Though we are only thinking of keeping our own server in and not have it hosted somewhere.

There are many managed hosting solutions out there which aim to help those small businesses with their web hosting deals. We haven't looked into that yet but might also be a good idea to check it in time. Having a dedicated server hosting has good advantages for business owners for optimized connectivity and live support when needed. Other than that there's an option for colocation services ideally for an impenetrable security and incomparable network speed. All these things are pretty good offers for us to seriously consider outside hosting. We'll see....


What is it mommy? Are you sure... will that really make them smile?

Okay, here it goes...

Mom told me it's a special day for all moms, not just her. In behalf of mom and dad, here's my sweet smile to brighten you up on your special day.

Happy Mom's Day!!!

Mommy's busy these days taking care of me and daddy (and other things), we'll be out for the weekends too that's why I'm leaving you this early greeting on a nice breezy Friday =) May you all enjoy your weekend!! We will visit your blogs soon!


Mommy an daddy's so happy last Sunday because we had special visitors from LA. Mommy's godparents came over to visit us. Too bad they can only stay for 1.5hrs, they even drove longer (11hrs roundtrip) than spending some time with us. So nice of them to even bring a homemade rice cake cooked by mommy's godfather. That's even mommy's favorite!

I was behaved and didn't cry or fuss the whole time they were here even when they carry me. As long as mommy and daddy on sight I am okay and they seem to be very nice people. I even received a gift from them! Now I have some more funds to add to my baby bank account. We took some photos for souvenir so mommy can also email it to grandpa there back home. He will be so happy to see me with his dear kumpadre.

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