There's a nearby (as in a block away) heritage theater from where we live and it's quite a shame we never had the chance to see anything there. There was once an opportunity when hubs sister was performing with the school band there but baby's too young to be brought out at chilly night time considering he was just about 2months old. We missed to watch the performance so as hubs, he had to do overtime that night too.

I remember browsing show schedules there while I was pregnant but later on just felt bad that we'll be missing good shows at the start of 2010 most especially Cirque de Soleil. Hopefully next year they will have it again so we can take baby with us and see the show. By that time we can also check out alamodome tickets, disneyworld, marcus amphitheater tickets, and minutemaid park tickets. So much things we want to do with baby in the future =P

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  1. the theater looks awesome and great reflection too. no worries, i'm sure you'll make it someday with your little junior.

  2. Mariuca Says:

    WOW this theater looks magnificent Ayie!!

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