Mommy an daddy's so happy last Sunday because we had special visitors from LA. Mommy's godparents came over to visit us. Too bad they can only stay for 1.5hrs, they even drove longer (11hrs roundtrip) than spending some time with us. So nice of them to even bring a homemade rice cake cooked by mommy's godfather. That's even mommy's favorite!

I was behaved and didn't cry or fuss the whole time they were here even when they carry me. As long as mommy and daddy on sight I am okay and they seem to be very nice people. I even received a gift from them! Now I have some more funds to add to my baby bank account. We took some photos for souvenir so mommy can also email it to grandpa there back home. He will be so happy to see me with his dear kumpadre.

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13 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    All happy faces there. :)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Awww....all of them are so happy with the latest family member. Baby J. :D

  3. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Awww..that's so nice of them to come all the way here and drop by for a visit. Yay...Mommy got her fav home made rice cake and Baby got pressie too. That's great. So happy to know that. :)

  4. mimi Says:

    family will always keep us alive rite? good for u n family dear.. baby jariel looks big n handsome boy now..hehe

  5. Wonderful visitors, it's so beautiful to see the proud family all together!
    God bless you all
    Luna and mommy Léia

  6. Anonymous Says:

    That was nice of the godparents to come and visit your precious boy, Ayie..He is certainly growing.

  7. J.H Says:

    wow, good fun :-) that's indeed a very special visitor!

  8. Anya Says:

    Nice to seee grandMommy and GrandDaddy
    so special visitors :))))

  9. [SK] Says:

    happy faces in the family, but missing the photo all of you are in there.. :p

  10. lovely shots. it's so wonderful of your godparents' to drop by and visit you.

  11. Mariuca Says:

    Uwahhhhh baby Jariel gets a special visit! These are ur godparents or Jariel's?

  12. Mariuca Says:

    Anyway hubs sure looks happy, I bet he's enjoying every minute of being a Dad! :)

  13. Mariuca Says:

    Hugs and kisses for baby and Mommy! :)

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