I keep my little boy active and I see to it he gets to play outdoors most of the week. We usually head out every morning to different parks and playgrounds. I try to bring him to different places whenever we go out so he won't be too used with just one play area, also for him to meet some other kids. Exploring different playgrounds and trying all other outdoor play toys contribute so much to his development.

It's given that big boys like cars and so does my little one. In one of the indoor playgrounds we frequently visit, he loves to play in the cars. He'll just keep hopping in and out then go running all around. It's fun to see him so active. It takes a toll on my stamina having to chase him but I am enjoying our mommy-baby time. He's growing up so fast that in time he wouldn't want to be chased anymore.

Right now we are enjoying the simple running chase but soon enough he'll be able to ride those tricycle and balance bikes, mommy will have to ride along with him. I am not rushing for that time but I can't also wait for that to happen! I love being out and about with my boy and playing with him gives me so much joy.
Small through medium scale businesses need to be insured and CGU Insurance will be gladly on service for Australian's policy needs. CGU has been in the industry for almost 160 years and still actively providing services for commercial, rural, personal and workers' compensation insurance needs. CGU guarantees great service and dedication to each and every client by providing outstanding customer assistance whenever needed. CGU takes every query seriously and makes sure things are handled accordingly.

As one of Australia's largest insurers, CGU offers high quality policies for everyone. Not all people have he same budgetary means therefore policies should be tailored according to what you need and can afford to pay for. Every business needs coverage whether it is small or big. CGU has insurance brokers and financial advisers who can assistand help you understand the insurance solutions you'll need for your business. CGU Insurance assures that they got you covered.

A tamale or tamal (Spanish: tamal, from Nahuatl: tamalli)[1] is a traditional Latin American dish made of masa (a starchy dough, usually corn-based), which is steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper. The wrapping is discarded before eating. Tamales can be further filled with meats, cheese, vegetables, chilies or any preparation according to taste, and both the filling and the cooking liquid may be seasoned.

In Mexico, tamales begin with a dough made from nixtamalized corn (hominy), called masa, or a masa mix such as Maseca, and are generally wrapped in corn husks or plantain leaves before cooking, depending on the region from which they come. They usually have a sweet or savory filling and are usually steamed until firm.

...tamales wrapped in cor husk...

Few countries have such an extensive variety of tamales as Mexico, where they're considered one of the most beloved traditional foods. Almost every region and state in the country has its own kind of tamal. It is said that there are between 500 and 1000 different types of tamales all around the country. Some experts estimate the annual consumption in hundreds of millions every year.

Tamales are a favorite comfort food in Mexico, eaten as both breakfast and dinner, and often accompanied by hot Atole or Champurrado, maize-based beverages of indigenous origin. Street vendors can be seen serving them from huge, steaming, covered pots (tamaleras).

...chicken and pork tamale from Los Cuates Carniceria stall...

In Mexico City, the tamal is often placed inside a wheat bread roll to form a torta de tamal (also called guajolota), substantial enough to keep a person satiated until Mexico's traditional late lunch hour.

The most common fillings are pork and chicken, in either red or green salsa or mole. Another very traditional variation is to add pink colored sugar to the corn mix and fill it with raisins or other dried fruit and make a sweet tamal (tamal de dulce). There are commonly a few "deaf", or filling-less, tamales (tamal sordo), which might be served with refried beans and coffee.

...so tasty and savory, sure will make you full...

The cooking of tamales is traditionally done in batches of tens if not hundreds, and the ratio of filling to dough (and the coarseness of the filling) is a matter of discretion.

Instead of corn husks or plantain leaves, banana leaves are used in tropical parts of the country such as Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, and the Yucatán Peninsula. These tamales are rather square in shape, often very large— 15 inches (40 cm) or more— and thick; a local name for these in Southern Tamaulipas is Zacahuil. Another less-common variation is to use chard leaves, which can be eaten along with the filling.

-tamale wikipedia-

Choices, we all must make choices in life. Sometimes we head down the road thinking this is the right path for you only to find out it's not going to work as good as you thought it would. Some people get to figure out ahead of time the right turn to their path and eventually become successful with it.

That's exactly what happened to Melanie Collins, one of the youngest and freshest face on television. Melanie's a sports and entertainment host, a reporter for NBA-TV, Big Ten Network, E! News Now, PGA.com, WPSU-TV and Accuweather. This pretty face used to be so athletic who love sports of all types but upon realizing she couldn't take it to professional level, Melanie Collins later on focused on modeling, acting, singing and broadcasting. She might not be on the field as an athlete but she gets to do the coolest job of interviewing the top athletes in the field.

Just like Melanie Collins, we can all make certain choices in life work for us better. It's not a matter of deciding just to go for this or that but also knowing your inner self. Knowing that your choices can do more good for you and improve your overall outlook in life.

One of the joys of parenthood is seeing your child happy. Technically speaking for tots the meaning of being happy is getting to be free to play and do silly things. Not to forget a comfy lift from mommy or daddy when he's all so tired to even take another step.

Having some fun time at the beach is something we love to do with our boy. The time well spent there can't even be compared to a price of gold. It's priceless! The memories will serve as our treasure, the greatest treasure of all.

I remember how excited baby was when he spot gold in sand at the beach as it glistened after the water swept through the shore. He had a big smile on his face and twinkling eyes! He tried picking up those glistening grains but he couldn't get any. He grabbed as much sand as he could whenever he sees a gold spot but all he got was gray wet sand.

It was a lot of fun watching baby play by the shore and run whenever he sees the water coming. He would dip his feet from time to time but we'd end up running back up to the sand off the freezing waters. The water was so cold it actually numbed my feet after being washed, made me all jumpy trying to feel my feet.

The fun part of our shore play was not picking up the gold glistening grains or running away from the sweeping waves. For baby it was when he got all wet and dirty as he lost his balance after pushing me away and fell on the wet sand. He got a bit nervous at first but right after I picked him up he was laughing. Daddy thought he captured the moment in his camcorder unfortunately he didn't. He got distracted when he saw our little boy with his face on the sand. It might have been just a second or two that baby was face flat kissing the wet sand but that made him all so dirty.

We all decided to clean him up already for him not to get cold and head back up to the boardwalk. Baby had to say bye to the golden grains he's been trying to get. Though he didn't get any gold from the gray sand, his little mishap puts a gold price to his captured moments. Sure, gold prices can be so high and of much value but nothing beats how priceless our little boy's photos came to be.

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The have a great selection of glass mosaic tile options under their glass tile category. Find exactly what you are looking for by using their search filters allowing you to browse by price range, finish/material or by model number. Each of their products spec out material, sheet size, piece size, availability and of course price which helps customers decide on what suits them best. Large pictures are available as well as a handy coverage calculator to determine how much tile you are going to need for your special project! Great site, great products.

You may check www.edenmosaictile.com or click here to visit edenmosaictile.com or simply tpe in your browser http://www.edenmosaictile.com.  For more information about edenmosaictile.com, click here.
Aside from Jariel, you know what mom and dad enjoyed here the most? Flowers! They were here last spring and that's the best time to enjoy flowers all around the neighborhood. Here are some shots of a very colorful flowerbed we saw during one of our afternoon walk. I urged them to stop and take photos. Aren't those flowers so beautiful?

New Jersey is a State in the northeastern region of the United States and has an outstanding population of about 8.7 million people according to a 2010 census. It's economy is focused on the pharmaceutical industry, chemical development, telecommunications, food processing, electric equipment, printing and publishing, and tourism. It is a busy place with landmarks and a lot of history embedded in its roots. Every growing city will have demands for more power. As population grows, so does power consumption. One company that plans to give hope to power consumers is a company called Arosa Energy. They are based in New Jersey and offer incentives and rebates opportunities for those integrating solar power systems. The rebates alone can reduce the cost of putting up such systems.

Arosa energy is focused on providing New Jersey solar energy to cope up with power demands and ever-growing consumption. Arosa Energy provides New Jersey solar panels for residential and commercial establishments. The earth recieves 174 petawatts of incoming solar radiation at the upper atmosphere. The total solar energy absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, oceans and land masses is roughly 3,850,000 exajoules per year! In 2002, this was more energy in one hour than the world used in one year. All this power, and we are barely using it. But as we progress in solar energy and are coming up with better ways to collect solar energy, it is only a matter of time until we can truly utilize this power in a global scale. Let's do our part and support solar energy when possible.
There are so many roles and services that take place in a court of law it is almost difficult to know who is doing what and why. There is a process and a procedure to follow to make things run as efficiently as humanly possible. It has come to point where there are specialized companies who provide services to law firms that help carry the load in a trial. DepoTexas is one company that provides deposition services and litigation services for law firms throughout Texas. They are one example of a company whose purpose is to provide support for the legal community.

They offer court reporting, litigation support, real-time court reporting, electronic transcripts, online case repository, interpreters, process servers, internet depositions and much more. All these services play a key role that can be crucial to the success and outcome of any trial. You'll be surprised by how much detail and legalities take place in court. Jury Duty service is a great opportunity to see and understand how the system works, so if you are in a country or state that practices Jury Duty, I highly recommend that you put interest in it as there are lots to be learned.
...can you spot us here?...

Baby J is always up and ready whenever he sees me pick up our baby bag. He knows we'll be going somewhere and that's usually a fun place for him to play. Whether it's just a simple walk around the neighborhood, playground, play school, grocery or other play areas he's always excited when mommy calls him to get ready for our day out.

...look, baby's trying to run away the moment he's on the loose...

I try to keep baby have a balanced play outdoor and at home. I believe it's very good for his development. Though it's not just all play for him because I see to it to be strict with his nap time and his feeding time. I know he's just a baby but when's the best time to build his foundation of discipline? Setting him up as early as now will imprint a level of discipline and knowledge about things. Babies are like sponges, they absorb input so quickly.

...mommy running after an escaping boy wanting to go to the pond...

I might seem like a very strict mommy but I am quite a "spoiler". I see to it I gave the most focused time I can with our baby. During playtime I do play with him. Even if I can easily slip in the laptop in his baby bag which is originally a laptop bag, I don't. I'm also keeping a level of discipline to myself not letting work take over my personal and playtime with my boy. There will always be works to do but a baby will never remain a baby forever. Baby J is growing up fast....can you imagine he's running all over and climbing things now?

Last Fourth of July celebration was bigger than usual for gay people as they had a grand celebration aside from the local festivities around. Every year gay and lesbian communities hold their annual gay pride parade. The whole downtown and San Francisco , Castro area was occupied with the festivity. There were singing, dancing and partying, everybody was having a blast! While other people prefer to dine in restaurants or chill out in coffee shops, the rest of the gay community party hard that night.

The decision on same-sex marriage in New York City marked a better reason for gay people to celebrate. The marriage bill was signed and approved by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in favor to gay people to have a legal right of marriage in their state. The law will take effect around the last weeks of July, same-sex couples can be vested legal rights of communion.

We're all living in a new world, a world where people fight for equality. Everybody's entitled for their happiness though in reality some people will not be happy about it but that's just how it is.

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Superb Internet also offers managed hosting for your server needs such as a managed backup solution which should leave you fearless against crashes, a managed firewall solution protecting the integrity of your network and maintaining a secure environment. Superb Internet also offers colocation plans which provide you the offsite management of your hardware that are always a pain to setup and maintain by yourself. A single server colocation will start you out at about $99.00 per month per unit which includes power & 4000GB per month of traffic. I must say that these services are becoming more affordable compared to when they just started becoming accessible.
Lockers come in different styles, purpose, security and sizes. Lockers are normally narrow and placed in tier arrangements. It can come in standard sizes or be custom accordingly.One of the most common found in places like schools, gyms, play courts and even offices are steel lockers.

Lockers are great provisions in public places where you can safely and securely keep your belongings for a short period or longer storage terms. How convenient is it to have the comfort of leaving your things somewhere when you need your hands be free of carrying or holding?

Lockerixchange has one of the widest selection of residential and commercial lockers online. Look no further and check out lockers.com to find customized solutions for your specific locker needs.

Have you ever found yourself at home and nothing to do on a rainy day? I admit, there are times when I just can't find anything to do. Online games can be a great way to kill time, with moderation of course. I remember the times when you had to go to a computer store or video game store to get a game to play. You would have to pay a decent amount of money for it too. This is not the case anymore, now anybody with a computer and internet connection can play games for free with nothing more than a login id and password (which usually requires an email address, but those are free to get too!).

There are lots of free games out there to play, some educational, some strategy games, others as simple as Tetris or Pacman. Some of my favorite free online games include titles such as, American Army, Team Fortress, League Of Legends and many others. There a free games that you can download, there are also free games that are web-based which does not require any installation of any sort, just play it from a compatible browser. Facebook alone has hundreds if not thousands of games that are free to play. Just remember, play responsibly and in moderation... and have fun!
Smart retirement investing made simple with MarketRiders, your online portfolio manager. Take advantage of their free trial to see how the portfolio rebalancing software can help you build and manage a diversified portfolio that is low cost and effective. Some people use spreadsheets, others like the tradition pen and paper, there are even those who completely rely on the advice from brokers or mutual fund managers, regardless of how you manage your portfolio, you need something comfortably tailored to suit your needs, MarketRiders could be one of them.

Invest like the wealthy with MarketRiders' do it yourself portfolio management system which is designed to make things easier for you to understand and analyze. Protect your money from fees and taxes that money managers can incur. The best part is that it is a web-based program which means no software to install and it may be accessed anywhere you have an internet enabled device making it virtually portable.

Being so busy lately I didn't even get the chance to email my family much. We haven't really been chatting / video calling lately and our little boy's missing them already. Only now that I realize I didn't get to post a special father's day tag in FB and here for my dad. There was one time we happened to be online but their dsl was acting up. We could barely hear each other and their internet service even got totally cut off after a while. It took us about an hour to two just to get connected again, what's worse was the connection wasn't so good either.

Though it was a very brief video conference, baby was all giggles to see mom, dad, kuya and Elisse. Good thing kuya always has a back up dial-up in case dsl acts up. If it wasn't for that then we could've not seen each other again. As much as we both want to see each other more often it's not that easy considering everybody's working. We are all busy with our separate lives and that's just the way it is. It doesn't really matter how often we talk and see each other, what matters most is that we never forget each other and all the good times we spent together.


When I was designing the Lito Project ideas were overflowing in my mind.  I wanted to put this and that, add some more features and do tweaks here and there.  Hubs had to keep reminding me the client has specifics and budget wise he's on a certain amount only.  Having to consider all these of course I had to halt my design frenzy.  I'm happy enough to do the entire floor plan with hubs and the client approving it right away.

I enjoyed adding up some details like the trellis at the back patio and the fence.  Those little details make a big impact in the design.  I particularly love the curved fence wall accent which gave the house a softer appeal too.  When I was modeling it my baby was in very deep slumber, I was so happy to work freely that day and get to show hubs the moment he got home what i did.  Yes I was like a kid showing an artwork to daddy... I bugged him til he really looked at the computer.  

Hubs checked every single detail I put there and noticed something that he really gave me credit and approval the same time.  You know what's that?  It's the provision for mailboxes!  I know a mailbox is just a mailbox but believe it or not I gave so much thought on where to locate that little mailbox.  I even checked out whitehall products to see what kinds of whitehall mailboxes can I recommend for the client.  Why I'm being too particular with the mailbox location and design is because I want it to be conveniently located and nicely incorporated in the fence design.  Sure I can just place it on the side of the gate or by the porch but that would just void the privacy thing of our client.  Where did I put it?  I decided to imbed in the fence column by the pedestrian gate so it won't be obstructive to the view, path and sight.


Wondering why I haven't visited your blog/s and have not been updating for quite a while again? Of course our baby J comes first above all but on the side whenever I get the chance to do other things, I usually will do all my chores and projects. Crazy schedule but very fulfilling.

This is our Lito Project which is a good sized bungalow (one-storey) house to be built in Honduras. I enjoyed designing every single corner of this house all the way to the exterior fences. The floor plan was so fun to do and we're so happy that we got the approval in just one seating. Had to do little additional details but that's all. The client was very happy and satisfied with the final plans. Though I don't have the floor plan on hand to share right now, perhaps next time.


I miss cooking this for my family. The last time I cooked this crab dish was during our 3wk vacation back home. I didn't really cook much there but I made sure I made some special dishes for them during that short stay. I'm definitely cooking this again next time around!

Do you like it spicy or just mild?


Working from home is the best decision I ever made, mostly because I just hate having to go into an office every day. I don’t mind any of my coworkers but the thought of having to set that alarm and drag myself in there for 10 unproductive hours a day just made me crazy! I finally figured out how to talk my boss into letting me work from here and it’s been great.

I got a whole computer station set up in the extra room and installed an alarm from HomE-AlarM-SystemS.com so I would feel safer being here by myself when my husband wasn’t home. My boss says my work has actually improved and I know I get more done now that there are less distractions like I had in the office. I still go in about once every two weeks just to check in and show my face and of course, drop off some of my famous chocolate chip cookies! Everyone misses those more than they miss me!

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

Marketing a business does need a good amount of effort and great amount of promotions to be able to reach out to prospective clients. It can be done without any help from advertising agency but it makes the work a lot easier with such help. It's not impossible to succeed in self effort but with the right advertising campaigns, it cuts the work in half. In fact, they will do the work for you. All you've got to do is to sit back and relax.

That! Leading Advertising Agency understands the trends in successful advertising campaigns. They take advertising to a whole new level in order to keep up with the internet's evolutions, and any other means of advertising media. The mixed media marketing concept is the way to go for advertising success. That! makes sure yo get to attract the customers you need and they see your potential of providing quality service / products. Rest assured that all the staff are professionally trained to contribute to your business campaign needs, big or small.
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