When I was designing the Lito Project ideas were overflowing in my mind.  I wanted to put this and that, add some more features and do tweaks here and there.  Hubs had to keep reminding me the client has specifics and budget wise he's on a certain amount only.  Having to consider all these of course I had to halt my design frenzy.  I'm happy enough to do the entire floor plan with hubs and the client approving it right away.

I enjoyed adding up some details like the trellis at the back patio and the fence.  Those little details make a big impact in the design.  I particularly love the curved fence wall accent which gave the house a softer appeal too.  When I was modeling it my baby was in very deep slumber, I was so happy to work freely that day and get to show hubs the moment he got home what i did.  Yes I was like a kid showing an artwork to daddy... I bugged him til he really looked at the computer.  

Hubs checked every single detail I put there and noticed something that he really gave me credit and approval the same time.  You know what's that?  It's the provision for mailboxes!  I know a mailbox is just a mailbox but believe it or not I gave so much thought on where to locate that little mailbox.  I even checked out whitehall products to see what kinds of whitehall mailboxes can I recommend for the client.  Why I'm being too particular with the mailbox location and design is because I want it to be conveniently located and nicely incorporated in the fence design.  Sure I can just place it on the side of the gate or by the porch but that would just void the privacy thing of our client.  Where did I put it?  I decided to imbed in the fence column by the pedestrian gate so it won't be obstructive to the view, path and sight.

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3 Responses
  1. ladyviral Says:

    Wow wow oh wow!

    I even saw sliding doors to the dining area. Hmmm... but why not make the dining area connected to the kitchen? :3 It would be easier to put food on the table no?

    Well, least that is what I would do haha! >.>;

  2. ayie Says:

    The kitchen has a breakfast nook which is just beside the dining. The client was concerned about his airconditioning system for the entire house and to make it more efficient we had to provide an enclosure for the dining though that door will always remain open unless the AC is on.

  3. ladyviral Says:

    Oh. so they be passing the food out through the nook. Okies. :P * too asian thinking maybe* >.<

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