Choices, we all must make choices in life. Sometimes we head down the road thinking this is the right path for you only to find out it's not going to work as good as you thought it would. Some people get to figure out ahead of time the right turn to their path and eventually become successful with it.

That's exactly what happened to Melanie Collins, one of the youngest and freshest face on television. Melanie's a sports and entertainment host, a reporter for NBA-TV, Big Ten Network, E! News Now, PGA.com, WPSU-TV and Accuweather. This pretty face used to be so athletic who love sports of all types but upon realizing she couldn't take it to professional level, Melanie Collins later on focused on modeling, acting, singing and broadcasting. She might not be on the field as an athlete but she gets to do the coolest job of interviewing the top athletes in the field.

Just like Melanie Collins, we can all make certain choices in life work for us better. It's not a matter of deciding just to go for this or that but also knowing your inner self. Knowing that your choices can do more good for you and improve your overall outlook in life.
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  1. Tekkaus Says:

    It's like matrix...we choose our own pills. :p

  2. FilipBlog Says:

    Super pictures, extreme beauty

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