Milk only for babies? Not true at all!

I honestly never had the liking with milk since I was a kid as I will prefer to have coffee over milk and not even hot chocolate. I was often told by my mom it's important for kids to drink milk so we'll get to grow strong and healthy but that didn't sway me from liking it. Only now that I am realizing what mom told me. I know it's important to keep our body healthy most especially our bones which serve as the main reinforcement of our body. As we age we lose calcium and even more when you are pregnant. I read about it in one of my maternity books saying if we don't supply enough calcium for baby at least through milk and other calcium rich foods, baby then will get the calcium supply from our bones. This can't be felt like right now but results might be evident as we age and our bones will be brittle and probably suffer with osteoporosis.

...baby elisse few months old...

Many say having a baby changes your life and I think I can agree on that even with just the smallest thing. I can't believe how I can keep up with the very strict diet knowing I hate diets, eating foods that I really didn't grow fond of eating and most especially drinking milk 3x a day! I'm doing it not only for baby but also for me. Of course baby needs a healthy mommy too! Just like the flowers and plants needing water to nourish them, our bones need same nourishment too. Not only our bones will benefit from drinking milk so just check it out here for further reading.

...baby elisse @ 1yr old...

It's pretty scary not knowing how healthy our "inside" is just like having osteoporosis which is known as a silent disease that may only be noticed until broken bones occur. I knew some people who had to undergo knee and durom cup hip replacement and I was told told it wasn't fun experience but they needed to do it to keep them back on their feet. There are procedures before the operation to know issues on zimmer durom cup and determine zimmer durom cup types to be used. It's only good that technology nowadays can aid us in other means but being physically fit is the best way to be.


What are your measures to keep your body healthy and well nourished with the right nutrients? Do you like drinking milk or anything like a milk substitute?

Do you have particular beauty routine or you are just a wash and wear type of person?

Personally speaking I am not too particular with beauty routines, no make ups unless I have to attend some important occasion and there's a need to apply some, no long long bath soaking in hot tub unless I want to de-stress and just relax and most especially no facial cleaning blues like astringent, moisturizers and the like just plain facial scrub and that's it. I only apply moisturizer when really needed on hasty temperatures here.

For me being hygienic is the most important thing. There's really no big need for many skin rituals which I find to be so time consuming. With all due respect to those who love to pamper themselves and have specific rituals for their over all head to toe rejuvenation. But i admit on enjoying a great time in spa, doing some facials, massage, body scrub, foot scrub and all from time to time.

photo c/o sabon mother & baby product

One routine though that I don't fail to do is to apply lotion to avoid stretchmarks and give my skin good elasticity. Palmers is a good brand for pregnant women for their special prenatal and post natal products. Sabon on the other hand has special mother and baby products also.


I have been doing little shopping here and there in preparation for the coming holidays. I want to finally prepare the box which I will be sending home with all the gifts and goodies. It's a very late project for me and hubs and plans of sending it (for a 30-day ocean freight) got stalled. Just yesterday I was able to get some clothes for little Elisse, I hope she'll like those. I heard she's getting a bit picky with clothes now. Must be a budding fashionista! I also mentioned on previous post that I got new watches for mom and sis and just last week also bought Marvin the Martian & Southpark shirts for my bro. Still many things I need to get to fill up a big box. =P

I have been searching on online deals too before hitting up retail stores checking for best prices. I want to maximize my budget as much as I can. Aside from Elisse there are other smaller kiddos I need to include on my gift list, our godchildren. Me and hubs have a few and mostly toddlers. Don't know their clothes size or shoe size right now so some nice cute toys or soft books from jellycat might be more ideal to give. I didn't get to take photos of the clothes I got for Elisse and my bro just yet but here are some stuffs I'm eyeing which I know Elisse will love (the color and nice pants) and for my coming little one. Hopefully this Black Friday sale event will be effective too with some online shops. I'll surely shop when this happens given great bargains.

barefoot dreams

Thinking of shopping now? Don't get into the Christmas rush and better get started earlier while prices are still lower =)

Each and every car we have back home has some fond memories for me to remember. It transported us through thick and thin safely to our desired destination though some accidents can't be avoided at times. Just like what happened to my sister when she was driving with mom, they were caught in a nasty accident and thank heavens they both came out safe and unharmed except for some scratches from the shattered window glass. Actually we never had any other big accidents like this even with our older cars. Looking at the damage at the driver's door you can tell the crosswind had a rough ride. It happened going home (if I'm not mistaken, sorry it was years ago) and not even too far anymore from a long drive. As sis was crossing a minor intersection there was a very fast truck which hit the left rear end and with the impact the crosswind swung incurring damage on the driver's side and the truck as well. My sis was shaken of course scared of what happened (feeling sorry too having the new car wrecked) but she was composed enough to snap photos of the incident. Even if she had her driver's license that time we still don't let her drive alone, mostly mom's with her. It was such a bad fate for our crosswind and it was later on brought to the shop for repair. I was at the office when the incident happened so i was just told about the details when my grandma called me up.

...sis & dad, hubs & elisse during our family trip using the same car...

...the big accident...

It was later restored to its almost original form but some mechanism got damaged with the crash impact. It still run pretty good but not as smooth and suave as how it was before the accident, I drove this car almost everyday. But during my recent conversation with mom she mentioned about canvassing new cars in Toyota & Honda looking for a replacement for the crosswind. Just like any other cars its value depreciates and will eventually need an upgrade. Perhaps I should be happy with the news, nevermind the old fond memories and think of the future! Hehe future ans in our future visit there back home and I can drive a new car! Back to road rage again! hehehehe! Just kidding, by that time "mommy" must drive more cautious and not be such a bad ass on the road. Definitely our baby will be with us on that trip home so cannot go crazy on the road.

I'm not sure if they have plans of selling this lancer which I loved to bring at most times. It's old and needs constant maintenance so I think they better have this sold and replace it. It served us for many years already. It would be nice to upgrade to volvo but I think suggesting it to them will make mom want to hit me on the head. She would always consider function over luxury so i can see her settling on more regular car brands and models.

Last but not the least is this vios. I guess they will keep since it's the latest of all and so far in good running condition and not being used as much as the other 2 cars. This car shared the biggest memory of my life because we used this as our bridal car. Yes I was there inside the car but you can't see me =P It matched our bridal motiff, matt gold so thanks to my grandma who lend this to us. She said that's part of her wedding gift but just car use and she didn't give the car to us. How I wish she did! hehe! I like honda cars better because of the spacious interior and they said it's not a gas guzzler. Is it true? Anyways here's honda URL for some reference.
Everything nowadays can be personalized from car plates all the way to trinkets and jewelries. It's nice to have things that way because it's custom according to your likeness. I only have a few items with names etched or engraved on it like my engagement ring, wedding band, bracelet (received on my 18th bday which was unfortunately snatched from my hand) and architect license plate. Our family used to have our car plates also personalized but after having restrictions on special plates, no more.

I personally find it meaningful giving out personalized gifts like this one I made long long time ago. I am not sure if this was intended for mother's day or some other small occasion. Through this you can be creative and artistic.

...door hang nameplate I made long time ago...

Personalizing something gives it a specific identity. Just like having your own address sign, office address plaque or home address plaques made according to your style. It can be very simple or ornate, depends on how you want it really. I've been meaning to buy from the craft store some wooden letters of our initials that I will paint and hang on our door or wall but up to now I haven't started with that little project. =P

Do you know about The Horizon? I am not talking about the horizon you see looking through the waters which divides earth from sky but it's something which can relate to waters too. I am referring to The Horizon Myrtle Beach Hotel, a modern ocean view condo resort with great amenities like lazy river, outdoor pool, indoor pool, spa, gym, rooftop sundeck, highspeed wireless internet and a lot more everybody can enjoy. It lies within the heart of Myrtle beach making it so accessible to the the beach where you can view beautiful sunrise and sunset, see seagulls by the shoreline or enjoy a tan lazing by the shore.

Don't think that we're talking of just fun in the beach here. I checked out their calendar of events and attractions to see what else is good to do there and found out many good events the whole November and December. I'm guessing many people will book for Myrtle beach accommodations after seeing all the different specials and packages they are offering. This isn't just for couples who want to have some nice getaway but families too who want to enjoy a nice time away from home. One attraction that kids might want to see there will be Dolly parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show where there will be music, fun entertainment, animals and tummy-filling dinner.

The Horizon Myrtle beach accommodation is just a click away, if you wish to see more details about events and other attractions feel free to check their site. =)


..arch of the century...

Back in college we had to bring many drafting materials such as T square, tubes, triangle sets, tech pens, scales and other big things. I always had some hard time carrying all because I'm small =P so whenever the school semester starts everybody crams to grab locker slots. It's limited so we had to take action right away once the notice is out. Just imagine if we didn't have school lockers that time, we had to carry all our things all the time and our rooms were mostly located on the 5th floor of the building. Some of my classmates even carry their own drawing boards and boy it's big! I never dared bringing one for me, I was pretty much okay with the drafting tables we had back then.

...corridor, waiting for next class...

We had to live that way for consecutive 5 years. Aside from all the materials we needed to bring we carried with us our big books...big and thick, I mean it! That history of Architecture book alone was equivalent to 3 1" books. At least our uniform that time was polo and brown slacks/jeans which made it very comfortable carrying so much things without caring much about how you look. I wore skirts at times we had light days of minor subjects, can't always be so boyish all the time =)

...view of field, grandstand & beato angelico building...

We also had PE all those years, imagine the chaos going to the gym from our building having it on the opposite end of the university complex. Not only we had to carry tools but also our uniform change. Oftentimes we would rush to the gym area to see if the wood lockers there were already occupied by other sections or courses and if we're unlucky to get there before them we'll try checking then on gym lockers. That experience was hard but fun at the same time. I really don't complain too much carrying things because I don't like others carrying my stuffs. Eating lunch or having breaks alone give us trouble with our things. We still had to go out of the building or university to grab our foods. There was a point when I didn't feel like going down anymore and just stayed in the room. Some classmates did the same too and we just asked others to buy our sandwiches in exchange we'll just watch over the things in the room.

...yes our lockers were big, can be a hiding place too! hehe....

There were times during 4th and 5th year when I badly wish they have lockers for sale or rent for a whole semester or even year term. I started with my Taekwondo class on the side every Saturdays before class in a gym across the university. The schedule tied up with my major drafting/drawing classes. PE before was more tolerable but my big gym bag with my tools were too much for me. Same thing during thesis time bringing those whole illustration boards, lots of rolled plans and tubes I can barely carry. Now that I look back I realize that it would have been very comfortable for me to just bring the car going to school. I can stash away all my things there but our parents were so strict about it. No cars in college yet =P

...path to main building...
Who among you believe in long distance relationships? I know few friends and blogger pals who are living this way right now and I'm very happy how they are handling their situation. Everytime I get to see or know updates how they get to spend some time together it just never fails to make me smile.

I personally undergone through this long distance relationship and I want to tell you it wasn't easy to live that way. Maybe being apart for a little while like few months is okay but imagine being apart for more than 4 years? Oh no we had our ups and downs, good and bad days.

If you remember I shared a bit of my projects back there in the office (A Taste of Germany) that me and hubs both worked on. We were fortunate enough to work together even for just a year and later on he went here in US. That's when our long distance relationship started, sometime August 2005. It's good that we had internet connection at work and I get to chat with him there. Our boss knew about it and he even often asks me how he's doing. Isn't our boss so so nice!? Of course I don't abuse it, I'm more than thankful that I can work and still have the luxury to keep up with my "fiance" that time. there were times that I tried using headphones when nobody else was there in the work area and I'm too busy to type chat. I only get to do that very seldom because I don't want being seen chatting while working, not good. When I'm busy then we both had to sacrifice not really chatting and just merely updated each other about his day and say his goodnight though I get to sneak a glimpse of him sometimes through the webcam. Those times I need to do overtime and he's also busy to keep me company on the other line I just resort to my stereo headphones. Music was my friend during those busy days.

...I was having fun copying him & he didn't know I was snapping shots...

Internet and technology bridged our distance all those years being apart. We had our wedding preparations even long distance. We kept coordinating with each other through emails and online chatting. There were times when I had to do site inspections so I'll end up logging in sms, that way I can still receive his messages in my mobile. There were missed calls at times because I was driving or riding in public bus. Whenever that happens I always had that disappointed look wishing I carry with me wireless headphones or bluetooth headphones so I can just simply answer the calls not thinking of the risk of getting caught into accident while driving or phone being snatched out in public. We were able to succeed on our 2yr engagement and finally settled and laid out our wedding plans, long distance.

...chatting while taking care of baby Elisse, hubs so tired from work...

He came back 2007 after leaving 2005 for our wedding but it was just a very short reunion. He was granted his 2yrs worth vacation of 6weeks and that time was just really to fix our wedding papers, clearances, seminars and all other things. Marathon here and there distributing invitations & meeting up with friends a month before the big day. Unfortunately our long distance affair didn't end at that point. Like what I said it's just a very short reunion. We were so busy before and after the wedding and he could only stay for a week after the wedding. Our Boracay getaway was the only relaxing time we had together after all the stress. Again he had to leave and our long distance relationship started all over again. That time was unexpectedly harder for both of us. Maybe it was the thought of seeing each other for a little time after years and not knowing when we'll get to be together again. It was another 2yrs again and we didn't even celebrate our 1st anniversary together. I never thought I'll ever go through all these trials because I never imagined being with someone so far from me. I was even lucky that our family had baby Elisse and I got occupied with the girl unlike hubs who was just here working and longing.

Finally our time to be together has come and no web cam chatting can ever beat the feeling of togetherness. It was like a rollercoaster ride with several bumps along the way but we were able to make it work. Now I say that I do believe in long distance affair but it will never come easy to anyone. So much work and effort to put in to make both worlds meet. How about you? Care to share your piece?

Is there any particular accessory (aside from your wedding ring) that you wouldn't miss to have as part of your wardrobe?

I have such fondness with watches and it's one accessory that I will always wear all day and night. Time is very important for me to know time because I do things every now and then. I am quite a scheduled person and I hate being late with things or compromises. Having mentioned that I actually love giving watches as gifts. Why not? It's practical and very useful. That's why when mom asked me what I want to have from her before I left home last January I just told her one of her watch so I can keep the one I was using with the Philippine time and then the one she gave me is what I've been using up to now. It's a very nice one which I think dad gave her for their anniversary gift and now it's almost worn out. Hubby said because I never took it off except taking a bath! For me it's the sentimental value of this watch, I even hesitated receiving this from mom but I know she would want to be here with me all the time even just that way.

...mom's watch that she gave me, now almost worn out...

This one, I gave to hubs last January 2004 when I finally answered him. No laughing, yeah I gave him such gift. I am not too keen about receiving this and that when somebody's courting me and I don't mind giving gifts, in fact I love to give gifts to special people in my life. Why watch? Ok here's the story. I told my bestfriend that I will answer him on that particular day and she asked me what I plan to do to make it special. We planned it out well that she'd call him (on our special date) on his mobile on a certain time then congratulate him and while he's flustered I'll hand him my gift so he could take note of the time. Sometimes I'm just full of surprises and I think like a guy so I end up with such plans in mind (hehehe). He also had sometime special for me that day of course, he made a special collage of all our photos he has, framed it nicely and a nice long stem white rose. I really like that photo collage, not most guys would do that!

...watches I gave to hubs @ 2004 & 2007...

That's not the only occasion I gave him watch, I got him a Timex dual time sports watch after our wedding on 2007. It's hard keeping up with two different time zone of opposite worlds so that dual time function is very useful (I'll tell you more of the story later). He got to choose the watch style he likes and he got me one too. I always tell him that the watch can always remind him that I'm just there with him all the time.

...for mom and sis, I got attracted with the simple & unique design...

These two other watches are my recent buy just last Saturday. I was doing a little grocery shopping when I spotted these. I thought of my mom and younger sis so I bought it to send for my Christmas package for them. Yup I'm working on my package for my family but it looks like it won't reach them before Christmas. =P

...me & hubs way back 2004 Outback Steakhouse, Philippines...

Some people are very undecided when it comes to choosing their respective university course and sometimes even relying on their parents' choices and whatever sounds easy, fun, in demand or "in" at the moment. Are you one of them? I can say that I am not since I knew already what I wanted to do when I was a kid though my first ambition shifted to my current profession.

I remember wanting to be a doctor when I was like 4-5yo but after witnessing an accident nearby our place and saw that bloody mess I think that's when I knew I can't really handle blood stuffs. Also I told my grandma I ill build her a mansion later around that same age. Quite ambitious for a little kid huh? My mom told me I've been like that since I was a baby, I dream high and always aim for something.

I think that mansion thing instilled in my mind til I've grown to attend university. I attended the same prep-school til I finish grade school then soon after transferred to a known University from highschool, the same place I finished my collegiate course. Despite attending the same school for secondary studies we still had to take the entrance for college. I didn't have hard time choosing my course for I knew already what I wanted, more on technical schools and studies. My first option was BS Architecture, second was Interior Design & Third I think was Painting / Advertising.

I was able to pursue my all ever wanted course, I graduated BS Architecture last 2003 and received my license by 2007. You might be wondering why it took me so long for my license? Architecture requires 2yrs work practice before you can take the board exams. I worked right away after graduating and luckily I got employed about 2-3 months after the graduation rites. First started in an Electrical Contractor company, stayed for about 6mos and transferred to an architectural office where I worked for 4 straight years. I tried doing my board review right after graduating while working in a review school and later on just did my self-review since architecture offices require more working hours most especially when the company's packed with projects.

At first after graduating I thought of course extension to the Engineering field and take up Civil engineering. Since Architecture is a 5yr course I was told that pursuing CE will just take 2 more years then another board exams. I think it was me being idealistic thinking that I can handle the projects from architecturals to engineering works. After working for straight years, taking my board examinations and balancing work at the same time i finally settled on one career. It was hard enough finishing my licensure together with work and I don't think I want to go through another school phase in my life. it was more of a practical choice and I was more than happy to finish a specific career already.

My hard work paid off and I was able to contract my personal projects before I even resigned from work. I had to leave my office not because I wanted to. I was needed there and even after leaving I was still highly in touch with my boss. He calls me when he needs my help badly and I oblige when needed. As much as I wanted to stay just like how I had to settle with just one particular career a choice had to made. Same year that my dad undergone bypass operation, finalizing my papers for migration and most importantly spending most of my time with my family knowing that soon I'll be leaving. That's also when my freelance professional career started which I still pursue up to now. In any case I will consider additional courses it will be most likely Photography or Culinary Arts =)

In life we have to do and decide on things. Choices have to be made and we have to be willing to accept the consequences that lies within. We can never be assured if things will turn out the way we want it to be but no matter what, we should always be ready to accept the challenges along the way. Nothing's easy, don't you agree?

I know I talked so much about me in this post, my life in school and all but I want to give the highest credits to my youngest sister who graduated March this year and just passed her ECE board exams 2 weeks ago. and too. Now we have an engineer in the family =) Congratulations!!!

Oh well sorry for this very long post. You might be yawning now of boredom! =P How about you? Were you able to follow your heart's desire in choosing your career?

We live in a small village compound knowing all neighbors, grew up with everybody there playing freely outside or going to each other's houses. I can remember mom always telling to take a nap in the afternoon before going out to play but I never did. I always wait for the clock to strike 4:00pm and off we go, we get to play until 6:00pm. It's fun there because you get to interact with the neighbors just like family. It's nothing like that here.

There's a particular neighbor who's really close to your family just beside us. In fact she became our (me & sis) godmother for our confirmation. Our families always go together in outings all those years. We exchanged foods, attended each others occasions and I even had a hand in taking care of the kids there.

One day my brother heard such noises from our dirty kitchen (service kitchen) and figured out it's coming from the other house. It happened around past lunch when all people were at work or school and luckily my brother was home that time. Little do we know that there were robbers who tied one of my godmother's daughter and their house maid. We're just so thankful they weren't molested by those crooks. After much spying and my brother sensed they cleared the house already he attempted going through the back service area knowing one of the rooms there has access to the house. That's when he found out they were tied up with the phone cords making it secure they can't call for help. I think my brother decided not to call on cops that time because he didn't want to make a commotion therefore provoking the robbers to harm the people in there. He just stayed close, a firewall away to keep spying for his chance to break in. Finally they're safe! Thanks to my brother!

After that incident everybody in the compound felt unsafe for a while. We used to have rotation guards by the gate and that makes us wonder more how did that incident came to happen. Those routine guards that time were terminated just to be safe looking at all angles of "inside job". Was it unfair for the guards? I think it was just done to look after majority's safety there in the compound. Besides they are under an agency so basically they were just re-assigned somewhere else. That's the first time it ever happened there and something that's very alarming for every household of a peaceful community.

Looking back at what happened I also fear the security system here. At least there back home houses were built with concrete and windows have decorative steel rails, perimeter well fenced. Very different from what usual houses we have here. Everything seems to be so open, no rails, no grills, plain big sliding windows, flush hollow core and gypsum walls....very destructible. I honestly didn't (still don't) feel so good with the home security system here but what can we do? That's how it is so live with it. More so living in an apartment doesn't give you much options either. You can't alter the house and add this and that. Most homes here resort to ADT in securing their homes. Just like us who wants peace of mind whenever we're out and about doing things with our place sitting alone. Having this home security system makes us feel more comfortable that our place is being guarded and well monitored from intruders. Not that we do have so much here for people to have the interest to break in but we merely value everything we own.

I don't have my brother here with me or anybody else to be my hero and watch over us but I do have my husband with me and that's more than enough to make me feel more secured.

It's been really chilly here lately and today's even more than the past days. For some reason it feels like winter breeze, I remember how my hands chilled when I drive the car early morning holding the ice cold driving wheel. Looks like I will have to use my gloves soon to keep these tiny hands from freezing. Remembering these snaps there in Marina Beach, SFO I can now see the beach more empty... no more of these playing kids with the waves catching the tides. See how happy they are?

Maybe playful dogs who love to play fetch in the waters won't be having their dip as well. They might be furry but not built for such freezing waters. I love this particular snap, after this dog's owner pitched the toy in the water the dog then went to signal his owner to find it. The dog hurriedly ran away and started burying his toy. Smart!

Despite having their wetsuits, I bet surfers will still chill and feel the winter freeze. Could they still be surfing and playing with the winds and waves as winter comes? I dared touch the water and quickly ran not to be soaked, it was already so cold that summer time. I can't imagine how much colder it can be this winter.

It was 4th of July when I snapped these shots. People flocked the beaches to watch the fireworks and have some picnic with friends and families. They happily played by the shore flying kites, sailed, surfed, strolled and spent the nights cozily admiring the bright playful fireworks in most places like Santa Cruz Beach, Half Moon Bay Beach, Myrtle Beach Hotel, Pacifica State Beach & Monterey Bay.

Will the shores be still this warm looking? I think I'd rather stay snugged viewing the shores from my hotel room or balcony. I'll still get to enjoy the nice cool winter breeze from there but at the same time take shelter immediately once the winds get too chilly. How nice would it be to stay in Palm Beach Hotel, Madeira Beach hotel, Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel or Sheraton Virginia Oceanfront Beach Hotel relaxing and having such great view of the ocean during cold nights. Maybe that's a good way to be alone with your dear partner even just for a few days away from work and busy everyday life.

The streets are always full of fallen leaves all day through. just a few more weeks and here comes winter. No more falling leaves but lonely bare trees. You can't feel warmth from nature anymore, all you see is a town with few lights on. I prefer being by the beachside inns or hotel s hearing the waves than just plainly looking at the sight of a bare apple tree. It actually sometimes gives me the creeps seeing all the shadows of the branches. I can dream on being in Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels with the sea just right beside me. I would gaze through the night looking at the starry skies and listening to the gentle waves.

I'm happy that I was able to capture all these photos, I can always have some summer memories to come back to when cold winter comes. To once again have a glance of people strolling by the shore or campers sitting peacefully enjoying nature. How I wish I can go anywhere I want to this winter time. Being booked in a nice cozy place or going to a snowy mountain are not my heart's true desire. Those are just some wants which I think can divert my winter blues. There's no place like home, very true. Only if me and my husband can fly this winter holidays to celebrate with my family just like the past 27yrs of holidays I spent with them then I will feel more complete.

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