Do you have particular beauty routine or you are just a wash and wear type of person?

Personally speaking I am not too particular with beauty routines, no make ups unless I have to attend some important occasion and there's a need to apply some, no long long bath soaking in hot tub unless I want to de-stress and just relax and most especially no facial cleaning blues like astringent, moisturizers and the like just plain facial scrub and that's it. I only apply moisturizer when really needed on hasty temperatures here.

For me being hygienic is the most important thing. There's really no big need for many skin rituals which I find to be so time consuming. With all due respect to those who love to pamper themselves and have specific rituals for their over all head to toe rejuvenation. But i admit on enjoying a great time in spa, doing some facials, massage, body scrub, foot scrub and all from time to time.

photo c/o sabon mother & baby product

One routine though that I don't fail to do is to apply lotion to avoid stretchmarks and give my skin good elasticity. Palmers is a good brand for pregnant women for their special prenatal and post natal products. Sabon on the other hand has special mother and baby products also.

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41 Responses
  1. rainfield61 Says:

    I have not tried these, think I have saved a lot from these, but not much richer at the end.

  2. Aligaga Says:

    I am like you, I guess I have no time to really indulge on all those beauty regimen. I only use lotion after my bath, my skin gets really really dry. I have already tried the St Ives, I like their product !

  3. We love Luna Says:

    Well, I have my beauty routine to wash myself everyday!It's great!
    purrs and love

  4. Bengbeng Says:

    mrs bb uses nothing but soap, hair shampoo n toothpaste..,. yes believe it.. such a person still exists in this world :)

  5. Salitype Says:

    oh yeah! like every Eve in this planet i, too, have my beauty regime...lol!

    st ives, invigorating facial scrub tops the list followed by nivea Q10...can't do without these 2...lol!

  6. Mariuca Says:

    Hi sweetie! I finally got around to adding ur lovely blog to my blog list, u know me ...huge procrastinator! LOL!!!

  7. lina Says:

    I too have a pretty simple beauty regime. No make-up for me too. I stopped spending too much time in front of the mirror once I had my son. No time! LOL

  8. lina Says:

    I use Plamer's Cocoa Butter during my pregnancy. Love them! :)

  9. Fortunately, I was diligent in applying moisturizing lotion to my tummy during my pregnancy,so as to avoid stretchmarks. :)

  10. Anya Says:

    A girl post I love it :-)
    Thanks !!

  11. wenn Says:

    mine is a very simple routine..

  12. betchai Says:

    i am so like you Ayie, no time for routines, hygiene is the best thing :)

    i have no time for make-up as well :(

    belated happy thanksgiving, sorry if I was not able to return your greeting soon. Will try to give you a call one of these days. Hope all is well.

  13. I don't spend time to indulge in this routine! I only apply lotion after a shower, and I'm done!

  14. with age catching up, i need to adhere to strict beauty regimes. HA! i'm constantly striving to maintain a youthful appearance and flawless skin.

  15. i meet a lot of people daily and appearance plays an important part in our lives.

  16. i apply simple make up to work. it's a girl thing. :)

  17. Ayie Says:


    Same here just additional. I do it also since it's something I can relate with the thoughts I want to share here.

  18. Ayie Says:


    I also loved St. Ives. It was recommended for my use before my wedding after the make up artist analyzed my facial skin type and suggested what can further improve it for the upcoming event. Since then I've been using it up to now. Lotion is a must here, very low humidity so very dry.

  19. Ayie Says:


    it's important to wash everyday =)

  20. Ayie Says:


    I was also like that until I moved here. Lotion now is a must or else you'll not like a scaly looking skin!

  21. Ayie Says:


    We practically use the same products but I only use nivea facial moisturizer when my face is really dry. I don't like putting too much on my face.

  22. Ayie Says:


    It's ok sweetie, we all have our busy time. Thanks for adding me up. I'm always pleased to see you here too.

  23. Ayie Says:


    I will get started fixing up myself again in time. Me and bestie promised each other we'll be beautiful moms in the future! lol

  24. Ayie Says:


    Palmer's Cocoa Butter too? I love those products too! Still having little stretches here and there but it looks like it helps so much in maintaining my not so elastic skin! hehe

  25. Ayie Says:


    I will take note of that coz I sometimes feel lazy. =P

  26. Ayie Says:


    Hahaha, sometimes that side tries to come out of me. =P

  27. Ayie Says:


    The simpler the better! That worked for me too before.

  28. Ayie Says:


    Oh you received my sms? great! It's ok don't worry. I just wanted to greet people.

  29. Ayie Says:


    Just lotion for me too most especially for my growing belly! lol

  30. Ayie Says:


    You still look so young! I apply make up but very minimal and only on occasions but back on the younger days I was more "girlie" with those stuffs =P

  31. Mariuca Says:

    I love St. Ives products, they work so well on me! :)

  32. Mariuca Says:

    Have a great week ahead sweetie. I hope ur resting well and keeping busy till the baby comes. :)

  33. Ayie Says:


    St. Ives for you too? Yey! Their products are great! I rested pretty well this weekend and din't mind houseworks this time. My tummy feels heavier now so I don't like moving around so much doing hard strenous chores. Thanks sweetie! hugs!

  34. levian Says:

    i am not keen with facial products as well, but i use them because my skin is dry. same goes for lotion, i have been using johnson's. :)

  35. Ayie Says:


    I just use when needed too.

  36. ladyviral Says:

    I am really lousy in looking after myself :P.

    I use almost anything when I want to... no particular stuffs... my skin have a bad thing, once it gets too used to an item, it no longer has effect :P. So yea haha.

  37. Ayie Says:


    Same here so i have to change items for rotation

  38. Donna Says:

    last time, i was wash and wear type.. but now.. my skin is getting more and more terrible.. T.T
    so.. i will go buy some product, applied layer and layer "things" on my face.. T^T

  39. Ayie Says:


    Signs of aging? hehehe just kidding girl! I'm way older than you i believe.

  40. foongpc Says:

    Well, I don't put on any make up, haha! And I don't follow the cleanse, toning and moisturising steps in skin care. I only cleanse with face gels. That's it! : )

    Oh, and of course I indulge in body scrub and massage once in a while : )

  41. Ayie Says:


    I remember your dove post before! Body scrub and massage is great, I love doing that in spa.

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