Hey, what's lingering in your mind? Of course I'm not thinking of having a honeymoon right now, just a little teaser! =P

...Boracay main port & sand castle builder...

One beach that I can never really get tired of going to is Boracay there in the Philippines. It's the same place my family went for vacation before and also our honeymoon getaway. It is a very nice place with crystal clear water, great night life, other sights to see and a perfect island paradise! It's a well frequented place by tourists and even locals. There you can indulge with fresh seafoods which are very reasonably priced and even hop through the whole beachfront stretch scouting for your perfect dinner buffet by the beach. Truly an eating paradise for those who can't resist such good meals. What I look forward to whenever I go to beach vacays is having a nice massage by the locals there. Nothing beats a very relaxing massage by the shore on a setting sun or simply have the therapist service you in your room or cottage.

...our sand turtle & hubs enjoying the water...

We chose to go to Bora for our honeymoon after the wedding to have a little getaway treat. I booked at Boracay Tropics even if it's not a beachfront hotel because it was peak season that summer time and it's really hard to get other bookings. The place is very nice, we really liked it (architecturally speaking) and its amenities. It has a very cozy restaurant, pool, massage area, souvenir shop and garden. You can really feel the tropics the way everything's arranged there. Foods they serve are great too! I remember working on my tummy area to have nice "abs" in preparation for our beach getaway but we ended up eating and eating there! We had a full service massage, daily buffet breakfast and lunch, complimentary candle light dinner by the pool, souvenir goodies and paraw sailing during our stay. It's under one package and it's a very good deal that time. It's no big deal going to the main beachfront since we just need to walk about 5mins from our hotel. We also saw my friend there vacationing the same time whom I met during my China-HK trip. That's actually our second meeting after 2yrs and what a small world, in a small island far away from the metro. We very much enjoyed the beach swimming and the very fine white sand playing, I burried hubs (it break me a sweat, I never though covering a 6'4" guy will be tiresome!) and gave him chiseled chest, abs & arms and we made a big sand turtle. Too bad the tide got higher and it was soon washed away. We didn't have much pictures beacuse it was hard to carry along our big camera and just leave it there on the shore when we go swimming, besides we really wanted to just explore and enjoy.

...Boracay Tropics hotel & restaurant...

We are looking forward to another vacation once we visit back home and probably sometime after having our baby. I still need to do further search for our beach destination here but I'm eyeing on Myrtle Beach Resort which has many attractions to go to aside from the beach. Convenience is important therefore the accommodations must be very accessible going to places. I've read about some Myrtle beach hotels which offer comfort, convenience and good services so this is a plus factor for me. Though I prefer not to go too far from home I guess it's inevitable if I get to find great deals for Myrtle beach resorts.

...candle light dinner by the pool & view from our room...

It's funny that I'm thinking of going to beach after seeing some of our getaway photos way back 2007, it's just so nice to feel and rekindle those treasured moments. Remembering how simple our days went by without thinking of any problems or worries, sailing on a sunset, fun water activities, shopping for souvenirs, just enjoying being away from work and living a bum's life! What can be any better than that? Now that I think of it more, I think I am missing the delicious foods we ate there. =P

...last day walk & yummy breakfast...

...breakfast buffet plate...

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19 Responses
  1. ladyviral Says:

    Oh the place look good!

    Look at the sand castle the guy is making! Lovely! Nice sea turtle too haha. The water so blue... Oh I so want to go!

  2. ladyviral Says:

    Oh I am first commenter too! hahahaha! Yay FC here! :P

  3. lina Says:

    What a lovely place for a honeymoon.

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow! I totally love the sand castle! :D Haha :D Your junior is really huge compared to you huh!

    And your final picture...the food...certainly make me hungry. :(

  5. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Wow...breathtaking sceneries and nice beach. The sandcastle is beautiful. You are so cute coz your Hubs is such a tall guy. Cute couple. :)

  6. This place is awesome and you took several beautiful pictures!
    God bless you and your husband!A beautiful family!

  7. Ayie Says:


    Perhaps a visit in the Phils and do your honeymoon there too!

  8. Ayie Says:


    It's very nice there you can really have a lot of fun!

  9. Ayie Says:


    Well we have 1'4" height difference...I am just so small =P

    Oh the foods....really yummy!

  10. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Sexy,

    He calls me TINY! hahaha! I know you'll enjoy the scenery but not wanting to be tan, right?

  11. Ayie Says:


    Thank you Leia, that place is certainly our to be visited again place when we go back home.

  12. Donna Says:

    that place is perfect! haha

  13. levian Says:

    what a beautiful beach! we can rarely see blue seawater here, only the brownish ones. XD your husband is so tall! is that really the heights of the both of you?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Gorgeous photos! Myrtle Beach is in the spot light, Ayie :-)

  15. Ayie Says:


    it is! go there too!

  16. Ayie Says:


    because the sand is really white too that's why you can see the water so so clear. He is tall, 5ft against 6ft4 has no comparison at all!

  17. Ayie Says:


    Yes, just like yours =)

  18. levian Says:

    sweet! i imagine he has no problem carrying you while running all over the place. :D n you must be feeling protected when he has his arms around you. i am having all sort of romantic thoughts already! :p

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