Do you have bar counter at home? If ever you are to build and design your home, would you want to have a special place for your bar? i think it's a good way to display those wines and nice wine glasses so i don't mind having even a small bar.

I have fond and lazy memories of our little bar at home. It's a simple wooden bar my parents got and I was in charge of cleaning it. I was a kid that time so I had to climb up the bar to wipe and dust. Fond memories? Well that's one big part of my growing up and mom teaching me to be responsible doing my tasks at home. My lazy memories on the other hand can't be denied. Come on, I was a kid then and not all times I want to clean and would rather play. Mom scolds me for not dusting it right and she can tell if I really did it good. Thanks to mom that trained me and all other chores she taught me to be well domesticated in preparation to married life. Too bad I have no photos of our bar here, it's all there back home.

I think I have a special attachment with bars because I happened to work on several projects involving bar designs. These are some of my amateur works when I just graduated and trying to do some personal side projects. My childhood friend needed presentation drawings for their feasibility study about bars. This one above was situated along Manila Bay with a great sunset view. The theme was more of oriental with the octagonal pagoda type design. Just a very small lot so a teeny weeny bar was provided. It's a must since people go there to have some drinks.

These photos are for the same person and this time it's a revision, actually total redesign. They targeted a bigger crowd maximizing the bar idea with dining, concert stage (like comedy bars and the like). The whole oriental concept evolved too to a more modern looking bar. I custom design everything just to give it a different feel and look. See the wine glass rack above? Oh I guess not, the lighting is quite dim and I didn't put hanging glasses there. Anyway whenever I design a bar I just love designing and making my own stemware rack where I hang those nice looking goblets. I tried overdoing this bar since they are teenagers who are very idealistic with bar concepts.

I got carried away custom designing my diner area with those spiral bars holding the hanging tables flushed form the wall. The same concept with the hanging wine glass rack design for the bar. Crazy huh? Just one of my wild imagination to make it look more hip and modern. I just don't know if I was able to give justice to that concept. Hehe good thing they love this design! The second floor is overlooking the stage so those who are seated up there need not to crowd downstairs to see the show.

I was trying hard to retrieve photos if ever of our home showing our little bar but I accidentally came across these instead so I thought this might do just to put some bar images here. Oh well I think I'll end this post here. I'm just taking a little break from work and me and baby are hungry now. Lunchtime! Don't worry no cocktail drinks for me (hehehe we also don't have bar here) til baby comes out =)

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6 Responses
  1. levian Says:

    true, i imagined it to be cool to have a mini bar at our own place. a place to relax n to talk. would be best if able to see the outside from there. doubling the relaxing effect, kinda like the first drawing that you did. :)

  2. ladyviral Says:

    Wow this is nice.. a mini bar is fun ^_^. Least we can serve guest and maybe ourselves when we want too haha! No requirement to pay more just to go drink, and requirement to finish it off :P.

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    I thing I prefer the first one. Perhaps the colour is more soothing. :D

    So have your and lil junior eaten yet? :p

  4. Ayie Says:


    the first one has a great view of the bay so that's why the design complimented it but the next one is like a concert stage type bar so should be dim and hip =)

  5. Ayie Says:


    Having a mini bar is ideal at least you can entertain guests with that small space too and drinks can be separated from the food table too

  6. Ayie Says:


    Oh yeah we ate! so hungry not to! hahaha!

    the first one had a more calm and nature feel and the overall design is really very open through and through but the other one has the rocker effect. Something like the teen's hub! haha! 1st was intended for tourists too.

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