Is there any particular accessory (aside from your wedding ring) that you wouldn't miss to have as part of your wardrobe?

I have such fondness with watches and it's one accessory that I will always wear all day and night. Time is very important for me to know time because I do things every now and then. I am quite a scheduled person and I hate being late with things or compromises. Having mentioned that I actually love giving watches as gifts. Why not? It's practical and very useful. That's why when mom asked me what I want to have from her before I left home last January I just told her one of her watch so I can keep the one I was using with the Philippine time and then the one she gave me is what I've been using up to now. It's a very nice one which I think dad gave her for their anniversary gift and now it's almost worn out. Hubby said because I never took it off except taking a bath! For me it's the sentimental value of this watch, I even hesitated receiving this from mom but I know she would want to be here with me all the time even just that way.

...mom's watch that she gave me, now almost worn out...

This one, I gave to hubs last January 2004 when I finally answered him. No laughing, yeah I gave him such gift. I am not too keen about receiving this and that when somebody's courting me and I don't mind giving gifts, in fact I love to give gifts to special people in my life. Why watch? Ok here's the story. I told my bestfriend that I will answer him on that particular day and she asked me what I plan to do to make it special. We planned it out well that she'd call him (on our special date) on his mobile on a certain time then congratulate him and while he's flustered I'll hand him my gift so he could take note of the time. Sometimes I'm just full of surprises and I think like a guy so I end up with such plans in mind (hehehe). He also had sometime special for me that day of course, he made a special collage of all our photos he has, framed it nicely and a nice long stem white rose. I really like that photo collage, not most guys would do that!

...watches I gave to hubs @ 2004 & 2007...

That's not the only occasion I gave him watch, I got him a Timex dual time sports watch after our wedding on 2007. It's hard keeping up with two different time zone of opposite worlds so that dual time function is very useful (I'll tell you more of the story later). He got to choose the watch style he likes and he got me one too. I always tell him that the watch can always remind him that I'm just there with him all the time.

...for mom and sis, I got attracted with the simple & unique design...

These two other watches are my recent buy just last Saturday. I was doing a little grocery shopping when I spotted these. I thought of my mom and younger sis so I bought it to send for my Christmas package for them. Yup I'm working on my package for my family but it looks like it won't reach them before Christmas. =P

...me & hubs way back 2004 Outback Steakhouse, Philippines...

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13 Responses
  1. levian Says:

    that is such a sweet photograph at the end of the post! among all the watches you showed, i like the white one the most. it was unique indeed! my sister is a watches collector as well. as for me, i like to borrow them from her. :p

  2. lina Says:

    Busy with christmas shopping already? :)

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    Aww....such a sweet post Ayie. :D War..you gave your hubs those watch? Great lookin timepiece. But the ones you received are more gorgeous. :p

  4. Très chic!
    Beautiful post dear Ayie, and I liked a lot the last picture , you have such a beautiful smile!

  5. Donna Says:

    hmmm... cash! haha..
    no i dont have any fondness for anything.. hehe..

  6. foongpc Says:

    Wow! Those watches are nice! But guess what, I don't wear any watch. I rely on my handphone for the time : )

    Btw, mentioned about you in my blog : )

  7. Ayie Says:


    I don't keep too many watches because I don't like changing watches all the time. I'm fine with 1 or 2 as long as it can match even my formal clothes for any formal affair. I am also being tempted to keep the white one but I must give it to sis or mom =)

  8. Ayie Says:


    Starting little by little. It's hard to buy all at once, budget wise and carrying the bag with my heavy tummy! *lol* which reminds me hubs made me sit on his lap last night and commented I am heavy! haha he even asked me how do I get to move and walk with the added weight!

  9. Ayie Says:


    And he's using the last watch (timex) I gave him up to now. It's really a good buy very durable. I think what mom gave me is expensive since it was dad's anniversary gift for her.

  10. Ayie Says:


    That kind of smile doesn't come so often! hahaha!

  11. Ayie Says:


    cash is good! I wouldn't mind too! haha just kidding.

  12. Ayie Says:


    I rushed to your blog when I saw your comment alert =) hehe that's really one of my other nicks =P Thanks, cute post you have. Thanks =)

    I don't rely on cp for time I prefer something on my arm already for easy access.

  13. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Ayie ganda, Nice watches. :) You know what, I stop wearing watches since Gwen was born...hehe. I have 3 watches(gifts from Hubby). One of it is quite expensive so I keep it in the safe deposit box.

    I'm not even wearing my wedding ring. :P

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