Who among you believe in long distance relationships? I know few friends and blogger pals who are living this way right now and I'm very happy how they are handling their situation. Everytime I get to see or know updates how they get to spend some time together it just never fails to make me smile.

I personally undergone through this long distance relationship and I want to tell you it wasn't easy to live that way. Maybe being apart for a little while like few months is okay but imagine being apart for more than 4 years? Oh no we had our ups and downs, good and bad days.

If you remember I shared a bit of my projects back there in the office (A Taste of Germany) that me and hubs both worked on. We were fortunate enough to work together even for just a year and later on he went here in US. That's when our long distance relationship started, sometime August 2005. It's good that we had internet connection at work and I get to chat with him there. Our boss knew about it and he even often asks me how he's doing. Isn't our boss so so nice!? Of course I don't abuse it, I'm more than thankful that I can work and still have the luxury to keep up with my "fiance" that time. there were times that I tried using headphones when nobody else was there in the work area and I'm too busy to type chat. I only get to do that very seldom because I don't want being seen chatting while working, not good. When I'm busy then we both had to sacrifice not really chatting and just merely updated each other about his day and say his goodnight though I get to sneak a glimpse of him sometimes through the webcam. Those times I need to do overtime and he's also busy to keep me company on the other line I just resort to my stereo headphones. Music was my friend during those busy days.

...I was having fun copying him & he didn't know I was snapping shots...

Internet and technology bridged our distance all those years being apart. We had our wedding preparations even long distance. We kept coordinating with each other through emails and online chatting. There were times when I had to do site inspections so I'll end up logging in sms, that way I can still receive his messages in my mobile. There were missed calls at times because I was driving or riding in public bus. Whenever that happens I always had that disappointed look wishing I carry with me wireless headphones or bluetooth headphones so I can just simply answer the calls not thinking of the risk of getting caught into accident while driving or phone being snatched out in public. We were able to succeed on our 2yr engagement and finally settled and laid out our wedding plans, long distance.

...chatting while taking care of baby Elisse, hubs so tired from work...

He came back 2007 after leaving 2005 for our wedding but it was just a very short reunion. He was granted his 2yrs worth vacation of 6weeks and that time was just really to fix our wedding papers, clearances, seminars and all other things. Marathon here and there distributing invitations & meeting up with friends a month before the big day. Unfortunately our long distance affair didn't end at that point. Like what I said it's just a very short reunion. We were so busy before and after the wedding and he could only stay for a week after the wedding. Our Boracay getaway was the only relaxing time we had together after all the stress. Again he had to leave and our long distance relationship started all over again. That time was unexpectedly harder for both of us. Maybe it was the thought of seeing each other for a little time after years and not knowing when we'll get to be together again. It was another 2yrs again and we didn't even celebrate our 1st anniversary together. I never thought I'll ever go through all these trials because I never imagined being with someone so far from me. I was even lucky that our family had baby Elisse and I got occupied with the girl unlike hubs who was just here working and longing.

Finally our time to be together has come and no web cam chatting can ever beat the feeling of togetherness. It was like a rollercoaster ride with several bumps along the way but we were able to make it work. Now I say that I do believe in long distance affair but it will never come easy to anyone. So much work and effort to put in to make both worlds meet. How about you? Care to share your piece?

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34 Responses
  1. Hi sweetie,
    Well ... so far away my country here now, it would be a great opportunity to get in touch with my family, but I need to confess that I didn't try it yet.
    In fact I've written a letter a week to my mother ( in Brazil) as she doesn't understand the computer!It's a traditional way , but it's nice!
    Beautiful post

  2. rainfield61 Says:

    After a long struggle, then come the happy moment.

    Technolofy helps a lot nowadays.

  3. levian Says:

    gosh, you amazed me, ayie! i am definitely not the type that can last in a long distance relationship. i tried once, lasted a year plus only to know he wasn't ready for commitment. other than myself, i heard so much more from friends who failed to maintain theirs. you proof to us that it is possible! :)

  4. lina Says:

    You and your hubs sure have the commitment to be in a long distance relationship. That's true love. :)

    A happily married with4 kids friend of mine, met her hubby online too. Good for them!

    For me, I can't last in a long distance relationship. I'm afraid I'm rather "needy" and I need a lot of attention. LOL

  5. Sidney Says:

    Glad to hear your love was big enough...and that you are now together!

  6. Anya Says:

    We all have our ups & downs !!!!
    I am happy there is a HAPPY end on your touching story :-)

  7. Ayie Says:


    It's hard to be away from the family just like me now. My long distance chatting isn't over yet. I do chat with my mom from time to time too.

  8. Ayie Says:


    Finally after all those years apart!

  9. Ayie Says:


    I know it doesn't work for everybody just like my bestfriend who failed after 3yrs but nothing is impossible. If both of you are really well dedicated to each other then things will work out just fine.

  10. Ayie Says:


    I never thought I can handle it and I'm happy that we were able to make it through. That was one tough ride. Perhaps you are well pampered by Zaini that you can't take it to be away from him!

  11. Ayie Says:


    Thank you, we're enjoying our time together.

  12. Ayie Says:


    We can only be tested by time but no matter what we have to keep our faith up.

  13. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Ganda, wow..you and your hubs were staying apart for more than 4 years? Must be tough on both of you. I'm happy for you that both of you are back in each other's arms for good. Hope when baby arrives, this situation won't happen again.

    Treasure your moments together. :)

  14. Carver Says:

    I know it must be so nice to be together after having to have a long distance relationship.

  15. SandyCarlson Says:

    The Internet can bless a relationship with contact, but it is no substitute for face-to-face contact. Nothing beats that. But it's nice to have a stop-gap thing like the Net in the meantime. It's also nice to have the luxury of the time to choose our words!

  16. iamthewitch Says:

    Such a touching story. I'm sure it's not easy at all to make LDR work. I had one myself but just for one year and I thought that was bad already. For 4 years? I am saluting you, my friend. :)

  17. Ice Says:

    If I read it correctly. You mean you were in US and your husband was in the Philippines? At first I thought it was the other way around.

  18. lina Says:

    have to admit, I'm really pampered by him. Not so much materialistically (which isn't something I want, anyway) but with lots of attention and he does give in a lot for me. Luv him, I do. :)

  19. wenn Says:

    good that u hv your little baby to accompany u..hope he's back to u soon..

  20. Bengbeng Says:

    to make a long distance relationship requires a lot of commitment n effort to make it work. glad it is working out well

  21. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Sexy,

    That's why I can relate so good when you blog about your hubby being there in Singapore. But now no more long distance for us, we're sticking for good! haha!

  22. Ayie Says:


    It's really different from being so so so far apart.

  23. Ayie Says:


    We had no choice but to rely on technology and traditional letter and card writing all those years. Tough time but glad we made it through. We are just so thankful that there was other way to bridge our distance. Now that I'm here with him and I'm far with my family, overseas calls are quite pricey so we get more communicated through emails and chats.

  24. Ayie Says:


    Thanks for stopping by here =) So you had it for a year? We can't really measure time span may it be shorter or longer both ways are hard.

  25. Ayie Says:


    I think you got confused here...I was there in The Phils all along. My husband was born and raised here then migrated to Phils for a while and returned here again. The only time he was back in the Phils was for our wedding and last holidays to pick me up and we come here together.

  26. Ayie Says:


    Awww lucky you being so pampered...hehe nevermind the financial splurge! haha! I'm the other way around treating him like a baby.

  27. Ayie Says:


    I think I confused you too, it's our story before I re-united with him. We are together now. Thanks

  28. Ayie Says:


    It was tough and really required a lot of patience on both of us.

  29. Tekkaus Says:

    It is really tough to survive a long distance relationship Ayie. But both of you did. This shows that the bond between both of you are really unbreakable. :D

  30. Aligaga Says:

    I had a long distance relationship at one point, it was hard, we broke up after couple years. We both couldn't handle the situation.

    Glad to read your story !

  31. Monica Says:

    Hi Ayie! WOW I'm glad u guys were able to make it through...;)

    I've never had a long distance relationship and I personally don't believe in long distance relationships. I'd rather date someone within my own area code....hehe :-P

  32. Monica Says:

    Have a great weekend Ayie! *HUGS*

  33. cheketeng Says:

    Hay bes.. you know I used to believe..

  34. Long distance relationship takes commitment and trust. I'm happy yours worked out.

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