I'm so happy it's Friday once again, last day of work and I'll get to rest a bit more for the weekends. I still had a blast of works today but I took it easier this time. I overworked yesterday and I know it's bad for me. I went with a friend for lunch and we had a nice meal in Subway. Since I need to have some walk as exercise after meals as prescribed by my doctor I told her not to bring me home anymore so I just walked for a while. I even passed by hubs' office and saw him for a short while then headed to the community library just to look around and take a little pause from walking.

... I had the sub of the day, Tuna! Doctor said just wheat bread and no dressing so just vinegar and olive oil, all veggies in too!...

One thing I always like whenever I go to Subway nearby and walking by the neighborhood is looking at those mailboxes. There's a store for house mailboxes within the area and their designs are simply stunning! Call me a bit fancy but I value aesthetics =P, it's part of my field. There's this one house which has this wall mount mailbox that I find really elegant. Some houses have the same wall mount mailboxes on that specific street. I wonder why?

I saw several designs of wall mounted mailboxes around the neighborhood and I think it's better to have that than the weather exposed one. It feels safer for the mails and you can just get it comfortably by your doorstep. The outdoor house mailboxes are okay and very common but most that I've seen are way too plain. I understand that the most important factor is to have a place to secure the mails and no extravagance needed. I often see newspapers thrown on the ground too to think there are wall mounted mailboxes with magazine holder (like the one below). I think the delivery people are just too lazy to walk by the porch to place the newsprints there.

Finally after that long walk I reached home and time for me to pick up our mails. I'm expecting some bills and there they are! Time to write down those checks again and pay up. It's also good that I took the liberty to walk because I need to scout for nice looking garden and home additions for the project I'm working on. We get bountiful mails almost everyday here with or without subscribing to anything so providing a mailbox is a must. Can't let those poor mails be soaked when it rains or blown by the winds. Back to reality after that Friday walk break, being home again means time to get back to work.

Happy Weekend Everybody!

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25 Responses
  1. Dora Says:

    a healthy & nutritious bread with lotsa veggie there... Happy Weekend to u!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note on my post. Multi tasking is not my thing at all! I have a one track mind I think!

    Hope you are continuing to feel well. Have a great weekend. Blessings.

  3. I don't think you get much cold weather. The cooler temperatures always prompt me to get my out. Plus it is a very convenient way to cook and have dinner waiting at the end of the day. My husband only likes a few things from it becuase it makes the meat so soft, but the ones with the sauces are his favorites!!! Blessings.

  4. lina Says:

    that sub look positively yummy! :)

  5. Tekkaus Says:

    Sub? Is it subway? :p Gosh you make me so hungry already. :D

  6. fufu Says:

    yeah have a nice weekend ya my friend... erm... i love the tuna pizza here yummy

  7. betchai Says:

    those pictures of mailboxes have their own uniqueness Ayie, i am glad you were able to take a long walk. oh, i love the veggie pattie and all veggies in subway :)

  8. rainfield61 Says:

    It is not good to see your first picture in my early morning, without taking any breakfirst.

  9. Zenserly Says:

    hello Ayie! wish i could take a bite! i love tomatoes...happy for you finally having time to rest...God Bless!

  10. levian Says:

    some mailboxes are indeed much more unique compare to the rest. i used to pay attention to them when i still walk back from school back in secondary school. not to mention some that are so small, i doubt any letter can fit in there. XD

  11. ladyviral Says:

    Oh the sub looks so good... >.< I am hungry...

    Hmm I am not a mailbox person... I just think as long as when it rains and doesn't flood the mails, it is a good mailbox :P.

  12. Oh sweet friend, it's so nice to see you happy and fine!
    hummm that lunch looks superb!
    I liked that mailbox, it's traditional!
    God bless you

  13. Ayie Says:


    I don't want to be scolded by my nutritionist so i go by the meal plans =)

  14. Ayie Says:


    It's cold here now but I still get to enjoy the sun. I need to keep myself healthy for my baby =)

  15. Ayie Says:


    I love the tuna in there!

  16. Ayie Says:


    Yup subway =P

  17. Ayie Says:


    Nice to have you back! Got your laptop now?

  18. Ayie Says:


    I like the one with magazine holders.

  19. Ayie Says:


    I need to get more exercise now so walk walk walk =)

  20. Ayie Says:


    Finally you got tempted! haha!

  21. Ayie Says:


    Tomatoes are very healthy...good choice doc!

  22. Ayie Says:


    big big mails?

  23. Ayie Says:


    I hate mails getting soaked ot being folded so I want a mailbox!! haha! it's a must here, we get bunch of mails.

  24. Ayie Says:


    I am thinking of baby in the tummy so I want to keep myself healthy and happy =)

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