We live in a small village compound knowing all neighbors, grew up with everybody there playing freely outside or going to each other's houses. I can remember mom always telling to take a nap in the afternoon before going out to play but I never did. I always wait for the clock to strike 4:00pm and off we go, we get to play until 6:00pm. It's fun there because you get to interact with the neighbors just like family. It's nothing like that here.

There's a particular neighbor who's really close to your family just beside us. In fact she became our (me & sis) godmother for our confirmation. Our families always go together in outings all those years. We exchanged foods, attended each others occasions and I even had a hand in taking care of the kids there.

One day my brother heard such noises from our dirty kitchen (service kitchen) and figured out it's coming from the other house. It happened around past lunch when all people were at work or school and luckily my brother was home that time. Little do we know that there were robbers who tied one of my godmother's daughter and their house maid. We're just so thankful they weren't molested by those crooks. After much spying and my brother sensed they cleared the house already he attempted going through the back service area knowing one of the rooms there has access to the house. That's when he found out they were tied up with the phone cords making it secure they can't call for help. I think my brother decided not to call on cops that time because he didn't want to make a commotion therefore provoking the robbers to harm the people in there. He just stayed close, a firewall away to keep spying for his chance to break in. Finally they're safe! Thanks to my brother!

After that incident everybody in the compound felt unsafe for a while. We used to have rotation guards by the gate and that makes us wonder more how did that incident came to happen. Those routine guards that time were terminated just to be safe looking at all angles of "inside job". Was it unfair for the guards? I think it was just done to look after majority's safety there in the compound. Besides they are under an agency so basically they were just re-assigned somewhere else. That's the first time it ever happened there and something that's very alarming for every household of a peaceful community.

Looking back at what happened I also fear the security system here. At least there back home houses were built with concrete and windows have decorative steel rails, perimeter well fenced. Very different from what usual houses we have here. Everything seems to be so open, no rails, no grills, plain big sliding windows, flush hollow core and gypsum walls....very destructible. I honestly didn't (still don't) feel so good with the home security system here but what can we do? That's how it is so live with it. More so living in an apartment doesn't give you much options either. You can't alter the house and add this and that. Most homes here resort to ADT in securing their homes. Just like us who wants peace of mind whenever we're out and about doing things with our place sitting alone. Having this home security system makes us feel more comfortable that our place is being guarded and well monitored from intruders. Not that we do have so much here for people to have the interest to break in but we merely value everything we own.

I don't have my brother here with me or anybody else to be my hero and watch over us but I do have my husband with me and that's more than enough to make me feel more secured.
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29 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Unlike before, security at home are more worrying nowadays. :(

    Well, lucky you have your hubs with you, and make you feel safe!

  2. I thought villages are supposed to be safer. I used to live in a village and we often kept our doors wide open. Neighbours would look out for one another. That was an unfortunate incident.

  3. Have a happy weekend, Ayie!

  4. foongpc Says:

    I guess no where is 100% safe. You can get robbed at anytime no matter how good your security system is! Of course, with a good security system, your risk is much less.

    Over here, we also sometimes worry about "inside" job. Too bad for the guards! Well, we just do our best and always be careful and alert.

  5. Anya Says:

    I can see its your brother
    you are look-a-like ..... LOL
    Very lovely post :-)

  6. Benghui Says:

    Auntie Aiyie I repaired my magic cube myself. so happy now


  7. Mariuca Says:

    Wow what a close call eh Ayie? So adorable ur brother, he too wears glasses eh? :)

  8. Mariuca Says:

    Btw, I have some lovely awards for u at my site, stop by to collect them when u can sweetie, congrats! :)

  9. Tekkaus Says:

    It made me feel that staying in Malaysia is safer compared to there. LOL :D But I believe you should't worry too much.

    Thank goodness you brother was around right? :)

  10. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Your brother, the hero. Thank GOD he was around. Our house is equipped with security system and CCTV. Better be safe than sorry.

  11. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Ganda, your brother is cute. Is he using nail polish? :P

  12. levian Says:

    aw, the last paragraph made me feel so sweet. he will SO hug you when he read that very last line. ;) the both of you n your brother was so brave! it is so frightening to just imagine it, having those people with bad intentions just next door. he was definitely the savior n hero of the incident. :)

  13. ladyviral Says:

    Crime rate everywhere is getting higher. The robbers are getting bolder by the day :/. Yesterday I was home alone, I was very sensitive to every sound that was coming form downstairs because just a weeks back, my neighbors house at the back, got broken in to and their notebooks, cash, jewelries all gone :/. So unsafe...

  14. ladyviral Says:

    Glad to hear you brother was around then. Savior indeed.

    The last paragraph sure put a smile on my lips. Now where is hubby... I will make him remember those words haha!

  15. Ayie Says:


    That incident happened long long time ago and you are right, nowadays it's more delicate. So much crimes here and there.

    Of course who else would it be, the one to keep me safe...hubs! =)

  16. Ayie Says:


    It's really safe there in our village just that specific incident that we're looking at inside job angle. They are a bit well-off and have many workers so we really don't know. Our doors and windows are always left wide open too, even our gate =) and children just play so free outside even not having to be supervised by parents.

  17. Ayie Says:


    Thanks! How was your weekend?

  18. Ayie Says:


    There no safe place anything can happen anywhere even just inside the car. Many unfortunate events that can never be predicted. You're right, we just need to be extra careful, take extra caution.

  19. Ayie Says:


    We look a like? hehehe he's more chinese looking though =P

  20. Ayie Says:


    Great work boy! Now be careful not to break it again ok. Nice of you to let me know about it!

  21. Ayie Says:


    I have awards marzie? wow thanks! I will grab 'em later. All of us wear glasses in the family except dad. Younger sis too but not as often as me and bro. =P

  22. Ayie Says:


    It was very unfortunate what happened and we're really puzzled with the motive and how it happened. Don't be so biased...it's safe there! haha!

  23. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Sexy,

    So observant! He had a black polish coz his little elisse was bugging him to put so instead of applying any bright color his little girl likes he just gave in with black! Hehehe it's amazing how that little girl gets her way with us! He's cute? ehem.... it runs in the blood! LOL just kidding!

    wow so secured, no wonder your hubby is not worrying too much being far. You are very much secured there at least having those gives some ease of mind.

  24. Ayie Says:


    I have to give credits to my husband! ahahaha! kidding aside, I'm happy my brother did things with right timing. It's dangerous both to him and the others in there.

  25. Ayie Says:


    Don't worry he read your comment =P He's the one using the computer last night when we received the comment hehe!

  26. Your brother's fast thinking have saved them, indeed..When it happened close to home like this, it's kinda scary!

  27. It's difficult to find a safe place indeed.
    Thanks for sharing this great story and post!
    Your brother is adorable!

  28. Ayie Says:


    It is scary. I'm just happy nothing bad happened to anyone inside.

  29. Ayie Says:


    Now you can tell where Elisse got her looks from =)

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