The Ainsley House - Beautifully restored in an enchanting park-like setting, the English Tudor style architecture of the Ainsley House transports the visitor to the bygone era of the 1920s. Built in 1925 as the home for Campbell canning pioneer J.C. Ainsley and his wife Alcinda, the home was moved to its present location in 1990. The exquisitely restored and decorated 15 rooms are furnished with much of the original furniture of the era when it was one of the grand homes of the Santa Clara Valley. The surrounding English gardens are a refreshing respite for the visitor to this unique historic house. (article credit to www.campbellmuseums.org)

I love bringing baby to play and run around there, it's near our place about 10-15mins walking distance.  Getting a little sun, some fresh air and a bit of leisure time sure makes our day right.  The library is also just in the same block so we get to do some things there as well.  Isn't the place lovely?


One sunny morning mom, dad, baby & I went to the community center to visit the track & field and show them what we have here at the community center. They saw the tennis courts, football/soccer field, community halls & rooms, pool, gymnasium and the theater. We first went to the track and they made some rounds also tried some of the fitness equipment there. After that we just walked around and snapped some photos around the heritage theater area. Mom and dad loved all the flowers in bloom, they couldn't resist posing almost for each and every flower they see.

One of the things I failed to do for mom and dad was to get them to watch live concert or other kind of show in Heritage Theater. Although they had the opportunity to walk around with me and baby one morning and have some photos taken there, the experience could've been better if they get to see something there. I think next time around they can have the pleasure of doing that.

I did check the upcoming shows but none were good for the time they are staying here. Only if the Cirque de Soleil was scheduled then I could've purchased tickets for them right away. I believe that's a great show to see. They both love musicals and live shows so ideally getting Mary Poppins tickets, John Edward tickets, Dave Matthews Band tickets, Lewis Black tickets or Million Dollar Quartet tickets could've been great.

Something gold is what I got for mom's mother's day & birthday present. Nothing like gold bars or bullion, in fact it's not even near how much a gold price would cost. What is it then? It's a gold accent jewelry gift set with matching earrings and necklace. Too bad I didn't even had the chance to take a photo since I was too excited to give it to her right away the moment it was delivered.

I love giving accessories and jewelries to mom, she wears it all the time. It doesn't matter for her if I buy gold, silver, swarovski or pearl accessories as long as it's from me she'll be so happy. It's been a while since I last gave her a gift like that, good thing that I saw the perfect gift for her. For me having her to wear any of the things I gave can always make her feel my presence. I'll always be with her no matter how far we are from each other.


Our Pilot has been through quite an abuse for the past months. Well not literally rough driving and all but we've been out and about more than usual. We drove to San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz and all around San Jose. We also had many short trips going to the grocery, museums, parks and playgrounds. I don't think pilot has exceeded its auto warranty with all the trips therefore we're still covered with the car warranty til this coming month for car checks and maintenance. Makes me think now if we should've taken an extended warranty for more coverage in the coming months? Anyway, enough with the car and I'll just share with you one of our fun trip with our pilot. =)

We really enjoyed mom and dad's visit here, it felt like "I" am complete again. Minus my bro, sis, grandma and niece it still makes a big difference having them with me even for the meantime. I showed them my routine here with baby and brought them to the parks we frequent to make baby let loose and play. I love seeing my little boy have some fun even if he gets dirty (really dirty) by the time playtime's up.

I'd say it's not the trips and the long drives which gave much abuse to our pilot, it's all the sand and mud from our little boy's dusted clothing. Imagine him being the cleanest baby there when we came and just after 5-10mins he's actually among the dirtiest! As if he's been playing there the whole day!

Have a fun weekend!!!!


Most kids are fond of swimming so as the kids in us that's why we had so much fun in the pool with our cute and charming babies. The prince and princess of the family were so happy playing and swimming together.

We wanted to swim longer but baby J might get cold already. We had to leave Elisse with my sister since she wasn't ready to get out of the water. She had so much fun having our underwater shots that she didn't want to stop until the camera ran out of power.

Pools are sure fun for kids and adults but proper precaution must be observed to prevent any harm and serious dangers to children. It is ideal to have pool covers whenever there are children around who can easily fall over and drown. After seeing how my little boy goes crazy to jump in the pool I better keep him off the edge then =)


To all moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!

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