Happy Valentine's Day To All!!!

J gets excited whenever I tell him we'll be baking a bread or cake.  Most of the time he'll request banana bread or cake.  Since he's big enough to be my little helper, he gets to do much of the "messy" job.  Of course you can expect mommy exclaiming (screaming) at times when spills are starting to take over the table.  First step, mash overly ripe bananas, add eggs and mix.

He discovered something else about baking, it's fun to lick and taste the batter no matter how much mommy tells him not to.  Those little fingers will find its way to dip and get some batter.  After adding the flour, vanilla, cocoa, etc., he gets distracted upon seeing a nice thick batter.  I told him it won't taste good as the cocoa hasn't been completely mixed and to think it's extra dark unsweetened.  Go figure!  Well, he still got a smile on his face before tasting it as you can see.

Almost done with the batter and little boy happier with the taste.  I keep telling him he'll get ouchie tummy, this and that but it never worked.  He's happily rewarding himself with his labor beating and mixing the batter.  That also explains why I don't use my electric mixer, imagine the mess and possible accident that can happen with a curious little chef like this one.

I finally managed to  pour the batter to the pans, obviously he's not done wit his fiddling.  I had to let him have the mixing bowl or else he'll start dipping his mucky fingers into the pans.  This little baker had to do everything that must be done, he insisted to put the pan in the oven which of course has been preheated already.  What can mommy do?  Covered his arms with the pot holders which looked more like long sleeves on him and help him at least place the pans on the oven grates.  He's happy enough to think he's the one to put it all in the oven to bake.


Tadaaaaa!!!  Finally done :)  One small heart shaped banana cake and a big rectangular one which cooked perfectly done, moist and soft.   The best thing about baking is that we get to control the sweetness of the cake.  He's not s used with sweets and we're trying to steer him away from sweets as much as possible so bake at home really works great for us. 

Happy boy eating his very own COCOA BANANA CAKE!  He chose the little heart pan for his cake, he said that's baby size and the rectangle one is mommy and daddy size.  That means he claimed that little heart pan is his all alone.  The best part of the baking.... spending some quality time with my boy!  You may hear me scream here and there when he starts to do naughty things or forgets not to do things but I end up laughing at it in the end. 

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