Have you tried entering your precious little one over kid's contests or looked for a talent agency?  I admit, it came across my thought but never really pushed for it.  You see your kid so cute, charming and all, why not dream of having a little toting model?  It may sound vain and presumptuous but every parent sees their kid in a certain way like no other.

Vanity and pride set aside, why aspire for your kid to be a photo ad model per say?  For me it's more of thinking ahead for his future.  I can only make so much being a stay-at-home-mom trying to do some freelance jobs here and there.  Given that he's not the most charming nor handsome kid, somehow that's the kind of appeal agencies like of Vesta Talent Agency is looking for.  Given the opportunity, whatever he earns from modelling easily goes to his schooling, most especially for his college funds.  But of course I don't want to just put him on the spot and he's not up for it.  Vesta Talent Agency and most other agencies are located in LA,  so to speak, it's way so far from where we live.

Maybe if it's really meant to happen then it would be.  I can say more that I am wishful thinking.  Well at least here at home, he's my very own little model.

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It's been a while since I sat down and handled paperworks.  What's the deal with it? Well to begin with, some paperworks require tedious amount of time and details in order to be filled out and finished.  I could wish it's as simple as write your name, address and few details here and there, but that wasn't the case.  Literally I had to keep those papers for thorough review before even starting to fill in the blanks.

While some papers could do with just more time on my desk, others would need to have some translations done in order to fully grasp the concept of what's all about.  It doesn't help at all staring all day on a stapled set of papers and you've got all these question marks all over your head.  Regardless how much effort you make, nothing just seems to make sense of it.  It happens you know, most especially when you are working with other language platform.

In grave cases that much help is needed, it's better to seek for some professional help like having translators to do the job of transcribing it accordingly.  Rosetta is one of which performs when it comes to this field of practice.  I dread to do all those financial aspect of papers with things I am not so well versed with.  I could only try as much and in order to progress, a little help outside made a big difference.
Time flies, now he's baby no more. Our little baby once is now officially a little kid, not even a toting toddler. So funny of him having to wear his precious preschool crown he got on his birthday celebration, along with the sunglasses that he gave as souvenir on his birthday playdate with his best buddies. Quite a character, he is. We're proud to have a very happy little boy, so good natured though quite naughty at times. He's very sweet and loves mommy and daddy with him. We love you baby!

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