As parents we want the best for our kids and we want to make sure they will well supported and educated as they grow old to face the world. That's why as early as now we already set something that baby can use in the future for any immediate emergency and college funds. Education is very important, it will be one of his tools in achieving his dreams so we will make sure he will have no problems getting funds for his schooling.

Daddy is getting fond of the thought his little boy being a chef in the future and for me that's absolutely fine if that's what he wants to pursue. I won't be actually surprised if in time he does want to take that path because he will be very exposed to mommy's cooking and baking in time. Well it's too early to speculate or even think of these things but it's fun to imagine I admit. He might want to be an Architect too like us but if not that's fine, he must follow his heart and go for what he feels right for him. He can even extend his studies to Masters degree in Walden University or any other unis out there, it's all up to him.

Many students here don't get to finish their schooling due to financial deals. Most college students struggle finishing their curriculum having to get part time jobs just to finance their schooling, just one of the news that you'll see in The Chronicle. Us having to set up something for baby's college funds doesn't mean we're spoiling him so much, we firmly believe that parents should provide for their children's education as much as they can because this will be the best legacy that can be left to them.

Anyway out of topic, Thanks to all who wished for baby's recovery. We're both still feeling under the weather (experiencing heat wave) but on our way to recovery. I am quite irritated with my itching throat and it feels like dry cough. I hope baby isn't feeling that because the runny nose alone gets him really fussy. I just sneaked a little blogging tonight while baby's deep asleep and I think I'm also ready to sleep as well. Hopefully we'll be well at the end of the week . Goodnight!

When it comes to the technical aspects of blogging, webhosting, computers and anything related to it I leave the works to hubs. I don't have much patience to read and review things because I've got so much to do work wise and for our family. Our little J is growing up so fast that he keeps my hand all tied up with him the whole day. Hubs have to do other things that's beyond my capacity.

Though he has this and that to do on everyday basis, hubs gets it done when there's something we really have to work on together. Sometimes it takes forever before he acts on something but even I am like that too when I know there's no definite deadline or time limit to have that thing done. I think that's why we make a good team together =P
Baby caught colds the other night, it was unexpectedly hot & cold again. I tried my best to cure baby right away and so far he's really getting better now. Still recovering but we're positive that he'll be fine. It's his first time having colds so it was very irritating that first night he had it, so fussy and couldn't even sleep. The following night he slept so well, both of us had a bit more rest. While baby's on his way to recovery, mommy on the other hand got his colds. I'm trying to do preventive measures so it will be cured fast and not letting it develop into flu. I've got to take care of my boys (daddy and baby) so I have to be well.

I'll catch up with your blogs, will try to get better and have as much rest as I can for now. Enjoy your weekend!

It's a little hard for me to get gifts for hubs because I don't get to be out and about but I still managed to get him something he loves. He has such great passion with movies so DVDs are just great to give him. I have several gifts for him but one of which hasn't arrived just yet and I'm actually getting furious already about it.

He was like a happy kid opening his gift. I tricked him by wrapping it in my jeans, and he thought it's a new jeans for him. After unwrapping it and seeing the trilogy case, he was smiling and very awestruck. I never thought he'll like the gift so much.

Of course hubs couldn't resist watching his new collection, we had some great time watching Ocean's Eleven Twelve and Thirteen this week. It's something fun to watch with nice twists and cool characters. We also enjoyed the nice architectural features there, the whole feeling of the casino, the games like blackjack, slot machines, roulette & poker ranking the whole set up with a high 10!


...baby still hyped looking around the restaurant...

Hubs, baby and I had our family celebration in Buca di Beppo, an Italian restaurant near our place. Hubs loves Italian foods so I decided to treat him there for his late birthday eat out. We headed there after attending the Sunday mass and had our late lunch.

...fried calamari, fried mozzarella, stuffed mushrooms with very tasty sauces...

I did local search for places we can go to and local restaurants we have around the area but so far Buca di Beppo has very good reviews. It appeared t0o be as a very good choice for us because the foods were so delicious. From the complimentary bread down to the main course, very satisfying and worth every dollar you're paying. I'm glad that the local yellowpages lead me to this restaurant because hubs was definitely delighted with our eating experience there. Not much photos this time, had to feed baby ahead and put him to sleep to enjoy our meal.

...we're done eating and he's still sleeping...

Schooling never ends even if we're all grown up. We might have finished our schooling and already in the professional field but sooner or later we'll all loop back to the whole schooling scenario. When does this happen? Oh well with our kids of course. Later on our very own kids will be going to school and we'll have to teach them and sit with them doing their homeworks and all.

Our dear Elisse already started going to school and she's loving it so far. You know kids, it's the fun of having to play with many classmates, sing new songs and do some artworks with teacher. There isn't really much stress with us if school will always be like that for kids, but it's not. I won't be surprised if later on I hear my brother or mom telling me Elisse is asking how to divide, add, multiply and a bunch of math questions. Makes me wonder if she'll follow her auntie's (my younger sister) footsteps being an achiever with Math.

As for me I don't need to worry about teaching her because we're too far apart, unless she would chat just to make me tutor her then that's a different story. This scenario is a little far from reality due to our timezone so I'm off this case! Later I'll have my own deals with my little boy once he starts schooling too. I can't imagine years from now I'll have to go back to Pre Algebra days once again, teach about prime numbers, linear equations, algebra equations, standard form, so on and so forth.


The little baby girl has grown, she's no longer a baby I used to carry.
Remember Elisse?
The weather's changing already and it's starting to get cooler by the day. Though there are still warm days but good enough to enjoy the outdoors. One thing I've noticed, the day seems to be shorter now. During summer and around its peak it gets dark around 8pm and sometimes almost 9pm. It starts to get dark now around 7pm at least.

We were planning for a trip to the beach just to bring baby and enjoy a nice dinner by the boardwalk but last minute cancel since something came up. Too bad it would be nice to enjoy a nice walk and relaxing time at the beach before it really gets chilly outdoors.

When cooler days come it will be the end of warm beach days. I don't find it very fun hanging around the beach when it feels freezing. It spoils the fun of just dressing less bundled, no matter what you'll have to or else you'll definitely catch colds later on.

If beach is out and you still want to enjoy outdoors it's better to go for the golf packages Myrtle Beach. I think it's equally fun and enjoyable as the beach and can be a good form of exercise too. http://www.myrtlebeachseasideresorts.com/ has all the details and packages for fun Myrtle escapade no matter what season it is. Check out www.myrtlebeachseasideresorts.com for more information and deals.

Do you easily trust a person? Why do I ask? Nothing, just curious if you are easily swayed by promises or the type to say no when it comes to money deals. To get right to the point well what would you do if a friend contacts you and ask for some monetary help?

I am quite a softy with this matter, when I have then I help if I can. It just disappoints me so much when somebody promises you something and later on gets broken. Who doesn't hate broken promises, right? I mean what's wrong with telling the person you borrowed money from that you still can't pay by the date you said and simply update what's the status. I strongly feel that it's better than hiding and pretending you are not there. What's more annoying is that person gets to contact you in time of need but now that you're expecting for the payment then not even any word.

I was already a bit hesitant to wire some money because that person already borrowed from me twice before and payments came later than the date agreed and if I didn't ask for update it might have been very very late. Come on, I am not rich and despite my past experience with lending that person some money I still believed and trusted that this time around it won't be like before. I was wrong, it's been almost 2mos and nothing, not even a sms or any update. What's bad is that person knew I have to make use of that money too for some important matters but due to the urgent need I put aside the past and decided to help.

Sorry for my ranting, I just feel the need to vent out. It's not the deal about money alone but it's the trust. The broken promises which ruin trust. For me a promise is very important, no need for any written pact or so because the word "promise" itself is something I value so much. For me there was no need for papers to assure there will be debt negotiation and debt settlement between two parties most especially friends. Unfortunately not everybody's too keen about their promises. Maybe the best solution for those kind of people is to have things done with papers so you can be sure that there will be debt relief between both parties. That sucks but some people has to be treated that way, I guess.

Oh well, there's nothing I can do now but to keep waiting and hoping that the amount will be soon deposited to my account. I just hope the bank won't charge or worse cancel my account for not being active for a while. That money's supposed to be deposited is intended to keep the account on roll and active also to aid for some of the expenses here. I better cut this ranting here, I'm going nowhere and it's getting late, time to go to bed now.

We're living in a very good neighborhood where you can even take a walk at night and not worry about being mugged or harmed. There are plenty of trees and flowers all around and it's very quiet here too. We're near the civic center practically walking distance going to the field, heritage theater, swimming pool, tennis courts and other community facilities.

I really liked this area eversince I moved here. It reminds me so much of my place back home where everything's accessible like the municipal hall, police dept., public library, train & bus stations, post office, schools, groceries, fastfoods, parks, museums, church, banks and other shopping stores. Too convenient that I can even just walk around and no need to drive the car. Going to hubs' office is also a plus factor having it walking distance and by the downtown area.

All these things affect our decision making when it comes to buying a house. We want to settle here as much as possible though we are very much aware that it's more on the high end are and prices are not as low as other locations. It's very hard to find a place within our target price around here and can't even find real estate owned foreclosures which can be a less expensive choice for home purchase. There are good new houses recently built but with a hefty price, we want to see other property options more on our price bracket. Consistently we're checking on free REO foreclosures listings to know what's out there in the market. It's good that there's a free foreclosures search service where we find houses that we can possibly consider.

Nothing's definite right now with our home purchase plan but we're trying to iron things out so that we can prepare better for it. Keeping our fingers crossed too that we can find something here in this lovely neighborhood.


While channel surfing the satellite TV I got from http://www.direct.tv/direct-tv-deals.html one night, I ran across an infomercial for the George Foreman Grill. I was hungry, and lets face it, there really isn't a whole lot on at three A.M., so I stopped to watch it. While I was laying there watching Mr. Foreman cook a steak on the grill I was thinking that there was vary large amounts of fat dripping from that steak. I love steak, but the fat is enough for me to lose my appetite, no matter how well it's cooked. I was trying to lose a little weight also, so I bought one.

Now I cook on it almost every night, and I have lost six pounds. To top off everything else, doesn't everyone love to be able to cook a full supper from scratch in thirty minutes? I work three jobs, my husband works in the oil and gas field and we have a two year son, who loves to help cook and get into everything, so if I can get dinner made and the dishes cleaned up in under an hour, I will do everything in my power to keep it that way. You can cook almost anything in under ten minutes. It's great knowing that the chicken or steak will be done and waiting on the shells and cheese. I love it!

Thanks for the article from Laura Ryan

Precious moments live in the heart,
linger in the mind and can captivate one's soul,
just like this photo showing much love and joy.

Happy Birthday oh dear daddy!

Who likes the show Desperate Housewives? I admit I never really watched it except for one controversial insult Teri Hatcher's character threw to the Philippines medical schools. She was disagreeing with the doctor like teach the teacher scenario about her condition. Do you know what I'm talking about? In case you don't know about it, I embedded a video clip from that particular episode so just see and tell me what you think about it.

This episode angered most Filipinos that time it was aired. It's indeed a big insult and very blunt statement degrading the credibility of my homeland's medical schools and practitioners. You know what's ironic with this comment? If you were to check hospitals and any other medical facilities here in US, you'd see Filipinos everywhere. Don't think they are just maintenance people but mostly nurses and even some doctors. Just like where I gave birth to baby J, we even made friends with the Filipina nurse who admitted me that night.

Even before this episode came out there's a big demand for Filipino medical practitioners here and in other countries as well. Many doctors and nurses left their jobs to go to the foreign land. Others took consultant interview course, medical management courses and other further studies to be eligible to work abroad. Whether they took any other studies or been through consultant interview it doesn't really matter. Nobody has the right to degrade other professional's credibility just because he or she feels so superior above all.
Have you seen the show Wipe-out? This show which airs 8pm @ channel 7 keeps our buns glued on the couch during Tuesday nights. Hubs discovered this show one night he's channel surfing. It delighted him and had so much fun that he even searched online episodes to show me. We started watching online but later on we found out the airtime and from then on we just make it a habit to sit back and relax watching the program. It's very fun and hilarious how the obstacles were made, too funny that we wouldn't want to miss watching.

...a family that watches together, stays happy!...

This is just one of those shows which keeps me and hubs pretty much entertained. We don't get to watch as much tele as before because I have so much works to catch up with every night after settling baby to bed and sometimes it takes forever for baby to finally go to sleep. I'm usually "wiped-out" by the end of the day with my very active little boy that's why this show is very refreshing for me to see in which I need not to think or follow some kind of series.

...like it or not?...

Another show that we love to watch is Ninja Warrior, it's also a game show with hurdles and obstacles but not wacky like wipe out. Too bad the local tv satellite doesn't have the channel anymore so we only see online when we really want to watch it. We still need to look up localtv-satellite.com (www.localtv-satellite.com) and see if the channel was just changed because it's alot more fun to watch it on tv than the computer.


Baby just turned 7mos yesterday and we had a little mommy-baby bonding outdoors. I brought baby out to enjoy the swing near daddy's office (the best part is baby can see daddy before going home anytime we go there). We even met other babies there enjoying the warm day. That's the second time we're in that swing park, I tried introducing it to baby last Friday when he had his doctor visit. This is the time I've been long waiting for, baby's finally sitting up and can really support his neck and head good. I've been wanting to bring him out there and just see other kids too and have good quality time outdoors with mommy too.

Seeing baby grow this much makes me more and more eager to bring him back home to experience other fun things there, meet some kids to play with and of course have a little time with my family. Mom and dad will come here but not just yet, they have many things to settle most especially with work before they get to have long vacation. Mom told me that there are many cheap flights and prices for international airfares are really lower than usual but even if there will be available flights which we can afford right now, there's no way we're flying this soon. Baby's not yet ready for a very long trip plus it's the rainy season there and it's quite dangerous. Well, time is really passing by so fast soon enough baby will be ready and we'll all go for a good vacation.


There are many educational channels available on cable networks. You can learn about all most any topic you wish on these channels. My favorite educational channel to watch is The Discovery Channel. It offers diverse and interesting programming all year long.

The Discovery Channel covers an endless amount of topics, and they are always presented in an entertaining format. The programming offers travel shows, scientific informational programs, history stories and an array of other interesting features. One of the most widely acclaimed and anticipated annual events available on The Discovery Channel is Shark Week. I love this informative and exciting special more every year I watch it.

The programming on The Discovery Channel also offers a unique way to spend some time with your entire family. The programs are usually appropriate for all age groups and are entertaining enough for children to be interested in them. I usually watch The Discovery Channel on Direct tv in the evening, but some of their daytime programming is also interesting. The Discovery Channel offers something for just about everyone and is very informative.

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

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