When it comes to the technical aspects of blogging, webhosting, computers and anything related to it I leave the works to hubs. I don't have much patience to read and review things because I've got so much to do work wise and for our family. Our little J is growing up so fast that he keeps my hand all tied up with him the whole day. Hubs have to do other things that's beyond my capacity.

Though he has this and that to do on everyday basis, hubs gets it done when there's something we really have to work on together. Sometimes it takes forever before he acts on something but even I am like that too when I know there's no definite deadline or time limit to have that thing done. I think that's why we make a good team together =P
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8 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    It is better later than never right?

  2. lina Says:

    Wah!Look like baby gets a head start in computer education there! LOL

  3. Yeah, we should work together to get things done. You are right.

  4. levian Says:

    that is definitely the most important part in a relationship. :)

  5. ladyviral Says:

    future blogger on the training :p

    both need to keep the relationship going.

  6. yeah, it's important to foster teamwork in marriage. glad both of you make a great team.

  7. [SK] Says:

    yeah, very true!! before you really get your hands into something, the most important thing is how you take the 1st step out.. :)

  8. [SK] Says:

    and looks like Jariel is very interested with the computer?? hmm, maybe he can be your help anytime when he grown up later~~ :p

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