Schooling never ends even if we're all grown up. We might have finished our schooling and already in the professional field but sooner or later we'll all loop back to the whole schooling scenario. When does this happen? Oh well with our kids of course. Later on our very own kids will be going to school and we'll have to teach them and sit with them doing their homeworks and all.

Our dear Elisse already started going to school and she's loving it so far. You know kids, it's the fun of having to play with many classmates, sing new songs and do some artworks with teacher. There isn't really much stress with us if school will always be like that for kids, but it's not. I won't be surprised if later on I hear my brother or mom telling me Elisse is asking how to divide, add, multiply and a bunch of math questions. Makes me wonder if she'll follow her auntie's (my younger sister) footsteps being an achiever with Math.

As for me I don't need to worry about teaching her because we're too far apart, unless she would chat just to make me tutor her then that's a different story. This scenario is a little far from reality due to our timezone so I'm off this case! Later I'll have my own deals with my little boy once he starts schooling too. I can't imagine years from now I'll have to go back to Pre Algebra days once again, teach about prime numbers, linear equations, algebra equations, standard form, so on and so forth.

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