Do you easily trust a person? Why do I ask? Nothing, just curious if you are easily swayed by promises or the type to say no when it comes to money deals. To get right to the point well what would you do if a friend contacts you and ask for some monetary help?

I am quite a softy with this matter, when I have then I help if I can. It just disappoints me so much when somebody promises you something and later on gets broken. Who doesn't hate broken promises, right? I mean what's wrong with telling the person you borrowed money from that you still can't pay by the date you said and simply update what's the status. I strongly feel that it's better than hiding and pretending you are not there. What's more annoying is that person gets to contact you in time of need but now that you're expecting for the payment then not even any word.

I was already a bit hesitant to wire some money because that person already borrowed from me twice before and payments came later than the date agreed and if I didn't ask for update it might have been very very late. Come on, I am not rich and despite my past experience with lending that person some money I still believed and trusted that this time around it won't be like before. I was wrong, it's been almost 2mos and nothing, not even a sms or any update. What's bad is that person knew I have to make use of that money too for some important matters but due to the urgent need I put aside the past and decided to help.

Sorry for my ranting, I just feel the need to vent out. It's not the deal about money alone but it's the trust. The broken promises which ruin trust. For me a promise is very important, no need for any written pact or so because the word "promise" itself is something I value so much. For me there was no need for papers to assure there will be debt negotiation and debt settlement between two parties most especially friends. Unfortunately not everybody's too keen about their promises. Maybe the best solution for those kind of people is to have things done with papers so you can be sure that there will be debt relief between both parties. That sucks but some people has to be treated that way, I guess.

Oh well, there's nothing I can do now but to keep waiting and hoping that the amount will be soon deposited to my account. I just hope the bank won't charge or worse cancel my account for not being active for a while. That money's supposed to be deposited is intended to keep the account on roll and active also to aid for some of the expenses here. I better cut this ranting here, I'm going nowhere and it's getting late, time to go to bed now.
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5 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    I've had the same experiences like you too. :(

  2. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Sometimes it's very hard to say No. No more next time.

  3. fufu Says:

    yeah it's really hard to trust a person who can return the money on time... even a very close friend of mine let me down badly >< erm anyway not all i must say, my friends always trust me for everything... probably i have good personality, but because of that i will always ask if i owe them money or not... hihihi :)all the best!!!

  4. levian Says:

    i used to trust easily, too easily.
    but now, it's a lot more difficult to convince me.
    i still get disappointed every now n then,
    especially by those closer to me.
    sometimes it's almost impossible not to trust them
    when they looked so sincere (at least on the outside).
    but outsiders, almost never anymore. :)

  5. foongpc Says:

    Oh no!! I just commented and my comments disappeared!! Damn!

    Oh well, What I wanted to say was someone is still owing me money and I'm going to thicken my face and chase after what is rightfully mine! Sometimes you have to stop being nice!

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