Have you seen the show Wipe-out? This show which airs 8pm @ channel 7 keeps our buns glued on the couch during Tuesday nights. Hubs discovered this show one night he's channel surfing. It delighted him and had so much fun that he even searched online episodes to show me. We started watching online but later on we found out the airtime and from then on we just make it a habit to sit back and relax watching the program. It's very fun and hilarious how the obstacles were made, too funny that we wouldn't want to miss watching.

...a family that watches together, stays happy!...

This is just one of those shows which keeps me and hubs pretty much entertained. We don't get to watch as much tele as before because I have so much works to catch up with every night after settling baby to bed and sometimes it takes forever for baby to finally go to sleep. I'm usually "wiped-out" by the end of the day with my very active little boy that's why this show is very refreshing for me to see in which I need not to think or follow some kind of series.

...like it or not?...

Another show that we love to watch is Ninja Warrior, it's also a game show with hurdles and obstacles but not wacky like wipe out. Too bad the local tv satellite doesn't have the channel anymore so we only see online when we really want to watch it. We still need to look up localtv-satellite.com (www.localtv-satellite.com) and see if the channel was just changed because it's alot more fun to watch it on tv than the computer.

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8 Responses

  1. Mariuca Says:

    Dropping by to say goodbye sweetie, will be away really soon and thought I'd do my bloghop now in case I don't have time later... so busy.. :)

  2. Mariuca Says:

    Hugs for u and baby! :):):)

  3. ayie Says:

    marzie, where are you going?

  4. ladyviral Says:

    Marzie going on vacation!

    I never seen this show before. Not even sure if it is showing on tv. haha! :P I will check it out.

  5. lina Says:

    I like Ninja Warrior. :)

  6. [SK] Says:

    i guess i don't really watch TV nowadays, perhaps it's just that one hour when i'm having dinner at home after work.. :)

  7. i haven't heard of wipe-out but i do enjoy Ninja warrior. it's so entertaining.

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