The weather's changing already and it's starting to get cooler by the day. Though there are still warm days but good enough to enjoy the outdoors. One thing I've noticed, the day seems to be shorter now. During summer and around its peak it gets dark around 8pm and sometimes almost 9pm. It starts to get dark now around 7pm at least.

We were planning for a trip to the beach just to bring baby and enjoy a nice dinner by the boardwalk but last minute cancel since something came up. Too bad it would be nice to enjoy a nice walk and relaxing time at the beach before it really gets chilly outdoors.

When cooler days come it will be the end of warm beach days. I don't find it very fun hanging around the beach when it feels freezing. It spoils the fun of just dressing less bundled, no matter what you'll have to or else you'll definitely catch colds later on.

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