There are many educational channels available on cable networks. You can learn about all most any topic you wish on these channels. My favorite educational channel to watch is The Discovery Channel. It offers diverse and interesting programming all year long.

The Discovery Channel covers an endless amount of topics, and they are always presented in an entertaining format. The programming offers travel shows, scientific informational programs, history stories and an array of other interesting features. One of the most widely acclaimed and anticipated annual events available on The Discovery Channel is Shark Week. I love this informative and exciting special more every year I watch it.

The programming on The Discovery Channel also offers a unique way to spend some time with your entire family. The programs are usually appropriate for all age groups and are entertaining enough for children to be interested in them. I usually watch The Discovery Channel on Direct tv in the evening, but some of their daytime programming is also interesting. The Discovery Channel offers something for just about everyone and is very informative.

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

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7 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    I love some of the programmes brought to us by discovery channel. :D

  2. levian Says:

    they do have a wide variety of information to share on discovery!
    definitely a great pastime. :)

  3. ladyviral Says:

    hubs loves Discovery Channel... I prefer Nat Geo :P. But I never really watch it because I am always watching something else haha

  4. suituapui Says:

    I like Discovery especially Travel & Living. I was off air yesterday due to the attack... Dunno if it is back today or not. Probably is.

  5. I love the discovery channel but i seldom watch it these days due to time constraints.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I like Discovery Channel, and I watch it whenever I have time!

  7. [SK] Says:

    haha, of course!! discovery channel keep your eyes open for things you never known, and maybe that's what the name suggests?? you discover with discovery channel.. haha :)

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