Not everybody wants to have a baby, instead taking care of puppies and dogs becomes their passion. For me and hubs we can consider having pets around but nothing can ever replace the joys of having our own little one. It's true that having a baby is a life changing experience, for some people it can be good but others the other way around.

Over here pets most especially dogs are way over pampered just like babies. That explains why there are even specialized pet supplies stores like their very own grocery stores here. I'm not surprised anymore seeing pet clothes, toys and goodies even in local grocery's pet supplies aisle. One thing that amazed me though are the dental toys and treats for these over pampered pooches which amazingly look like baby's toys. Crazy huh? I never thought puppies and even older dogs have teethers too!

Yes teethers, and to top that off doggie dental treats like Nylabone Nubz edible dental chews. It's made of highly digestible natural ingredients, no added preservatives and it helps clean dogs' teeth, promoting healthy gums and fresh breath. I bet all the dog lovers out there who care for their pooches like their very own babies wouldn't mind at all rushing to get some supplies to stock up on these goodies for their pampered pooches. Where to get these goodies? Check out Costco and good news to member because you can get discounts with the Costco monthly coupon book. Supplies won't last that long so better hurry up and grab Nubz while it last!

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5 Responses
  1. foongpc Says:

    These days dogs have them good! Some enjoy better lifestyle than humans!

  2. lina Says:

    Just don't abandon those dogs when you get tired of it!

  3. i'd love dogs and cats in my home but unfortunately i've kids allergic to them.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I know what you meant about pampered pets! Some went over the top for me..but dental treat is necessarily though!

  5. Aw !! i love dogs they are so loyal and cute :D i loved your post !!! You have some great ideas !!! www.glasstileselect.com

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