...my little boy has grown so much...

I can't imagine how fast time flies, now our little baby is almost like a little boy. He's just turned 6 months this August 1st. Everytime I look at him it reminds me of the days I was wearing scrubs gown and carrying a tiny little fella so fragile. Before I was surrounded by people in nursing uniforms and lab coats making sure this little baby is safe and ready to go. That time I was also visited by this guy who's arranged the office outing and made sure me, baby and hubs were safe and comfortable.

...baby's so tiny back then...

...cool little boy huh?!...

Our little baby has grown, so much! Now he's starting to explore how to crawl and already sitting up better. Here's my little camper who's growing to be more and more adorable =)

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15 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Yeah! And he is wearing sunshades? Wow....just like James Bond. :D

  2. lina Says:

    he looks so cool wearing shades. :)

    My, indeed he has grown. Time flies huh? :)

  3. [SK] Says:

    yeah, kids really grown up fast, and the next time you realise this again, probably he's running around in the house already~~ :p

  4. Oh yes girl, they grown up so fast!
    Your son is so blessed with all your love, he is adorable!

  5. fufu Says:

    wow your kid is really growing FAST lol so huge now... what do you feed him?? lol

  6. Ayie Says:


    *lol* why james bond?

  7. Ayie Says:


    hehe that's my boy!

  8. Ayie Says:


    Yup so fast. In few more months we'll be taking him to another travel =)

  9. Ayie Says:


    he's almost getting there! he's basically trying to crawl now

  10. Ayie Says:


    thanks dear, he's very adorable indeed

  11. Ayie Says:


    well believe it or now he has only started his solids 2wks ago and it's only 1tbsp rice cereal serving 1x per day, that little but very much nourished with mommy's milk =P

  12. betchai Says:

    that's nice to hear Ayie, so nice to see the three of you enjoying your little boy.

  13. Mummy Gwen Says:

    He is really growing up fast. Sooo adorable. He looks so cute in his cool sunnies. :)

  14. i'd love to cuddle up with him. Baby Jariel looks absolutely cool in his sunnies.

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