Exactly, why not? That's what I said the last time I was there in the bank when I was declined with my credit card application. I don't get it why can't they issue one for me considering me and hubs both have accounts in that bank and we've been there for years already. Not that I badly need to have a credit card but it's good to have something in case of emergency.

...my cutie little J with right expression of how I feel...

It all boils down to credit score and credit report which can be obtained through freescore.com. The bank wants to make sure you have good credit history before they even consider your application. It actually upsets me because I have good credit with the credit card that I am using right now. What else do they want? I admit I am not too fond of using credit cards and would rather use my debit to have it deducted directly from my account but for credit building purpose I use my credit card and make sure I pay even earlier before due date in full. So I don't get it what's the big wall hindering them to even look into my application. All I want is to have another card for our future travel purposes. =(
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9 Responses
  1. Dora Says:

    yeah the credit card for me is more of a standby & use more on debit card to avoid the unnecessary expenses :-)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    I use my credit card a lot. But I will always check and pay on time. :D

  3. Ice Says:

    Perhaps they have tighten the application requirements. Before the financial crisis, credits are easy to obtain. That's why the market fell just 2 years ago. Now they know that they should not be giving credit easily to people. Perhaps that is why huh?

  4. i seldom use credit card here unless absolute necessary. but when i travel abroad on work/leisure, i use cc very frequently.

  5. Carver Says:

    Adorable shot of your baby. The credit card decisions are incomprehensible to me. They issue credit cards to people who are maxed out with credit but not to those who don't have what they consider a necessary history. Basically I think what they are looking at is people who already have a lot of credit cards and use them which doesn't make sense.

  6. betchai Says:

    sometimes they wait through time Ayie, that happens if you have not been in this country long enough. I use my credit card if it allows, because I get cash back, and for that one month, the money spent earns a little bit of interest in my bank account. i always pay the full balance though, since my credit card company only gives cash back if you pay on time and full balance. without any fee to have it, i believe i save more by using it than paying in cash or using my debit card. i am a penny pincher i guess, every little penny counts and i do not have problems with overspending using credit card since i don't have the impulse to shop or what :) buy only necessities and those that i have thought about buying for some time :) hope you build your credit score soon, you are right, we need good credit score for major purchases such as home and car, so they won't give us high interest rate.

  7. Autumn Belle Says:

    Little J is getting very cute and lovable now. As regards to decisions banks make regarding issue of credit cards, it is a mystery. Sometimes they seem to force people to have cc. At other times, they become too strict.

  8. Mummy Gwen Says:

    I love this pic..haha..he is just too cute. :) I'm keeping one credit card with me and I seldom use it.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This credit card system is all screwed up, Ayie..they'll give credit to people who went through bankruptcy, but denied others who are in good standing..I think they know who could be taken as victims..

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