Precious moments live in the heart,
linger in the mind and can captivate one's soul,
just like this photo showing much love and joy.

Happy Birthday oh dear daddy!

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10 Responses
  1. levian Says:

    happy birthday to ayie's hubs! :)

  2. Pete Says:

    Happy birthday to your hubs!

  3. lina Says:

    Happy belated birthday to your hubs. :)

    BTW, can you e-mail me your address, Ayie. I have the old address, but IIRC, you've moved - right?

  4. Carver Says:

    What a joyful photograph. I hope your husband had a happy birthday.

  5. [SK] Says:

    it certainly feels a lot special to celebrate birthday with your baby for the very first time.. :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh happy belated birthday!

  7. Zenserly Says:

    such a precious moment indeed sis, those smiles are priceless!

  8. how precious. happy belated birthday to your hubby.

  9. Mummy Gwen Says:

    This photo is so sweet. Happy Belated Birthday To Your Hubs!! :)

  10. foongpc Says:

    Oh! I'm late but better late than never! Haha! A very happy belated birthday to Jariel's daddy! : )

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