To everyone who happens to be looking for a web hosting solution, Superb Internet might be the one to satisfy your web hosting needs. They have Linux Hosting Plans and Windows Hosting Plans with different rates depending on what you want to get. But for as little as $4.99 per month for 2 years on a Linux Hosting Plan you can get 20GB of space, unlimited traffic, 1000 E-mails and other great features. Not bad for somebody starting up their own website if you ask me.

Superb Internet also offers managed hosting for your server needs such as a managed backup solution which should leave you fearless against crashes, a managed firewall solution protecting the integrity of your network and maintaining a secure environment. Superb Internet also offers colocation plans which provide you the offsite management of your hardware that are always a pain to setup and maintain by yourself. A single server colocation will start you out at about $99.00 per month per unit which includes power & 4000GB per month of traffic. I must say that these services are becoming more affordable compared to when they just started becoming accessible.
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