One of the joys of parenthood is seeing your child happy. Technically speaking for tots the meaning of being happy is getting to be free to play and do silly things. Not to forget a comfy lift from mommy or daddy when he's all so tired to even take another step.

Having some fun time at the beach is something we love to do with our boy. The time well spent there can't even be compared to a price of gold. It's priceless! The memories will serve as our treasure, the greatest treasure of all.

I remember how excited baby was when he spot gold in sand at the beach as it glistened after the water swept through the shore. He had a big smile on his face and twinkling eyes! He tried picking up those glistening grains but he couldn't get any. He grabbed as much sand as he could whenever he sees a gold spot but all he got was gray wet sand.

It was a lot of fun watching baby play by the shore and run whenever he sees the water coming. He would dip his feet from time to time but we'd end up running back up to the sand off the freezing waters. The water was so cold it actually numbed my feet after being washed, made me all jumpy trying to feel my feet.

The fun part of our shore play was not picking up the gold glistening grains or running away from the sweeping waves. For baby it was when he got all wet and dirty as he lost his balance after pushing me away and fell on the wet sand. He got a bit nervous at first but right after I picked him up he was laughing. Daddy thought he captured the moment in his camcorder unfortunately he didn't. He got distracted when he saw our little boy with his face on the sand. It might have been just a second or two that baby was face flat kissing the wet sand but that made him all so dirty.

We all decided to clean him up already for him not to get cold and head back up to the boardwalk. Baby had to say bye to the golden grains he's been trying to get. Though he didn't get any gold from the gray sand, his little mishap puts a gold price to his captured moments. Sure, gold prices can be so high and of much value but nothing beats how priceless our little boy's photos came to be.

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5 Responses

  1. lina Says:

    Dirty baby is a cute baby! :)

  2. ladyviral Says:

    omg! too cute! Can I have him? XD

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    Hahaha :D Jariel is adorable

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    I am sure he enjoyed the beach along. I wanna bring my baby Jordan to the beach too one day.

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