Last Wednesday we attended the band concert for SIL, she played the flute. We were impressed how good they play now, so much improved compared to last year when they were just beginning. We're glad to see her so active and excelling really good in school.


Last year she had to bring her books because there were no lockers for their grade just yet but this year she happily mentioned she got her locker already. If I remember it right the school lockers were provided for the band members for them to keep their instruments there. Though she doesn't really need it as much as others do because she's being brought and picked up from school everyday with a car unlike other kids who walk many blocks from home to school and vice versa.


SIL has really grown so much now, soon she'll be in highschool. The little girl is now a young lady. Seeing these old photos made me miss the old times, so much.

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3 Responses
  1. Mariuca Says:

    SIL is still a baby, she looks pretty in the pics! :D

  2. lina Says:

    Your SIL is cute. But then, so are you, Ayie! :)

  3. great memories photos.

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