...3 low-cost schemes for a very rigid lot...

Aside from designing homes and other structures I love custom making my furnitures but unfortunately I can't share those designs I made before because my HD was formatted accidentally and lost all files. I love maximizing the use of spaces and I specialize more on small space designs so making my own furniture designs help a lot in giving justice with the space design. I remember hubs challenged me to make a small 2-sty office only given a lot size of 2 parking slots (3mx5m). I was able to make an efficient design out of it and I very much enjoyed that one.

...apartment split type...

Before I even had the idea of custom designing my furnitures and fixtures it was hubs who got into it first in the office. He explored making "GDL" (geometric description language from archicad) objects. He works on custom designs but the more complicated way, honestly I hated it. He knows and he completely understands why. I on the other hand will just enjoy construction out a design freely while he would try to encode algebraic equations to come up with such parametric or adjustable object profile. Sounds complicated? It does! Why will I bother doing Math & Algebra solving equation just to come up with such adjustable parameters? I'd rather simplify my ways and just do it how I do it, I'll leave the rest of the equation & fractions for him to solve. No way I passed that time when I had to deal with those numbers. I enjoy passing on the computations to the engineers at this point whenever I design something. Lazy? Hmmm, I'll say I just want to lessen my load! =P

...townhouse type w/ mezzanine...

I don't want to go back to those computing days so I am putting that aside. But if ever I am left with no other choice but to do it I think it won't be as hard as the "by the book" days. Now everything's out in the net. Just click here and click there and voila, you can get some homework help may it be dictionaries, science or math. Having this kind of online tutoring may be able to persuade me to work on more custom parametric designs in the future depending on how convenient it turns out. But one thing is for sure, I'll keep designing may it be parametric or not.

...single attach type...

The client has tight budget and very limited space so I had to maximize the space with minimal budget, very hard to do but not impossible. Which design (1,2 or 3) you think will work for them?

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11 Responses
  1. Ayie, have you heard of "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" Well, I can tell you that as far as Math goes, I can said no as an answer..I don't like math!

  2. betchai Says:

    the joy of Math, :) , I thrive on it, despite I am not a Mathematician :)

    Hope all is well, Ayie

  3. rainfield61 Says:

    Great house design!! Hopefully the mathematics calculation is correct.


  4. Wow! You designed this? The low cost house is better than ours. Ours is just like a box.

  5. levian Says:

    i personally like the third one. i am not sure how you are going to divide the rooms inside the house, but the outside looks cool, as if there are plenty space inside. :)

  6. betchai Says:

    though i love Math, but like you, I would use programs too to calculate something for me if that means saving my time and me going out and enjoying outdoors :)

  7. Sidney Says:

    Wow...you are talented ! Superb architecture!
    I go for the townhouse type w/ mezzanine

  8. I like your designs. In land scarce Singapore, such designs are practical.

  9. Ice Says:

    Ayie, your job in designing houses sound so sophisticated and impressive :o). I thought architect uses geometry rather than need to count using maths, maybe I am wrong.

  10. Anya Says:

    Wow you are very creative
    I design many things but never houses .... LOL
    Looks great :-)
    ( I hope all is well..... :-)

  11. iamthewitch Says:

    I think I prefer the single attached type.. :) Nice work!

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