Las Vegas is about 8hrs drive from our area if I'm not mistaken and we missed the chance to go there last December 30 with hubs papa, mama and sis. Believe it or not the casino is more packed than ever during holidays, perhaps people just want to spend some good time in such a festive place with all the lights and nice structures around. They headed there driving not to gamble (though I know they want to play some slots there, why go if there's casino online) but just to take a little road trip and family time, only now that sis-in-law gets to travel along with her papa. We really couldn't come no matter what despite having some friends there who were spending holidays over Vegas. The trip will definitely exhaust me and might not be so healthy for baby too. Also hubs had to go to the office even on the 31st half-day so it's just not possible for us. Maybe next time Vegas!

It was really good that we stayed over, we managed to do things we wanted to do without much people here at home (except BIL was left here) and enjoyed some quiet time at home too. We were able to squeeze in some baby shopping time when hubs came home from work and also soon after we headed to attend a family dinner countdown for the New Year in San Rafael. We received an invitation from my husband's cousin who's hosting a party and us not wanting to spend a boring new year's eve decided to push going there. I admit that I was a bit homesick for the first time feeling so far from my family for the first time during Christmas and New Year. It's very fun back home and here there's nothing going on. We don't regret going for a long drive that New Year's Eve, hubs and I had fun eating and being with relatives and other people. There was even a program in which people performed and got prices and few games. It sure was fun!

This New Year's the 1st time I didn't really prepare anything because I used to do that back home. The pizza I thought of making was put on hold til the next day. Celebration here might not be as fun as how I used to celebrate it all these years but I'm happy, I know I can't have all good things in my grasp. I'm leaving you this fully loaded 16" pizza (I bought a plain 16" pepperoni coz I'm too lazy to make my own dough..hehe and I topped it with tons of stuffs) I made and hoping you all have a good weekend!

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25 Responses
  1. Anya Says:

    It looks soooooooo YUMMIE :-)
    I come and eat by you ...... LOL

  2. RNSANE Says:

    Ayie, where exactly are you in the Bay area? I'm in Daly City. If you and your husband get over this way or into San Francisco, let me know and we can meet for lunch. My email is:

  3. wenn Says:

    wow, pizzas! i love it!

  4. It would be awesome to spend a few days in Vegas, yah? But the long hours of travelling might not be good for baby.

  5. Have a wonderful weekend with your family! :D

  6. Bengbeng Says:

    Ayie, i think for yr readers just like me after reading yr stuff, feel like we know u personally perhaps even more than some of yr own distant personal relatives in faraway Philippines. We have read of yr trials n tribulations, yr ups n downs, joys and merriment. It is almost time. Slow down and relish the moment when the baby is put in yr arms for the first time. After that it can get quite rough going but in the end it is always worth it.

  7. zakkalife Says:

    That pizza looks so good. But then again when doesn't pizza look good.

  8. lina Says:

    I feel like Bengbeng to, Ayie.

    Those pizza sure look good. I'm hungry!!!

  9. Diane AZ Says:

    That pizza looks wonderful, Ayie! That's a great idea to buy a plain pizza and add your own toppings. :)

  10. betchai Says:

    ayie, that pizza looks so good! I don't play any casino nor into gambling, but there are so many other things to do in La Vegas for family fun so am sure you would love it, my favorite there is watching shows and concerts.

    i hope you have a great weekend, and hope all is fine.

  11. Superman Says:

    The pizza looks yummy! My friend back from the State and also telling me that next time must go to Vegas. The city never sleep. I wonder when will I got the money and chance...

  12. Tekkaus Says:

    8 hours is relatively near Ayie. :p But if possible don't go there...they say it is a city of sin? :p

  13. Ayie Says:


    8hrs here is different from 8hrs there in M'sia or Phils. It's 8hrs freeway and it's about 500+ miles and it's only one-way. It's not the same as driving there for 8hrs =)

  14. THanks for stopping by. I always enjoy hearing from you. Glad all is well with you.

    I am starting a new bible study and would love to have your join in onlne. "Run Well. Finish Strong" is the name of the Bible study I am teaching right now.It is on the book of 2 Timothy about how to hand your faith to the next generation. We will be hosting the study online starting next week, with the 45 minute DVD lecture, study notes, and an opportunity to interact with other moms. If you are interested check back on my blog. Details will be on it and we would LOVE to have you join in when you can.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. Blessings.

  15. levian Says:

    am glad you get to enjoy some baby shopping n some together time with your hubs. i was reading n reading n waiting to read about the pizza. haha, it looked absolutely delicious! :D

  16. [SK] Says:

    and you are very wicked Ayie, one huge delicious pizza in front of my eyes when i'm feeling so hungry now!! i hate you, hahaha :p

  17. Sidney Says:

    Those are impressive and mouthwatering pizzas.
    I am hungry now !

    Vegas will not go away...

  18. Mariuca Says:

    Ayie! Ur still around sweetie? I wanna make sure I don miss out saying goodbye and good luck for ur upcoming big day! :)

  19. Mariuca Says:

    Forget the freaking BD and gimme a slice!! Yum! :)

  20. Mariuca Says:

    I wanna go to Vegas too and visit my friends the slots LOL!!!

  21. Monica Says:

    Hi Ayie I'm here sweetie! ;)
    the pizza looks so delicious and now i'm hungry :D

  22. That pizza looks delicious! Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms!

  23. Tes Says:

    Great idea on the pizza, Ayie! I do that once in a while. Yours look really good! Yum! :)

  24. Anonymous Says:

    The pizza looks delicious! And Ayie, it's only 7:15 in the morning here in Michigan for me..I'm so hungry already :-)

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