...same hospital where we brought FIL...

It's been a crazy week for the whole family and we're trying to take things easy this time around. I am taking a little chance to blog and blog hop today before the week gets too busy again. First of all thank you for all your well wishes for my FIL. He came out of the hospital last Thursday and on his road to recovery. I am assisting them still so I cannot have my much awaited rest yet plus me and hubs are preparing for baby's arrival this Feb 21. I have to go to my doctor every week now til I give birth and attend some preparation classes for birthing and newborn care. Hopefully we can start preparing our place next week once the rest of the family moves to their own apartment unit so that we can make the baby crib ready and all other baby stuffs. So many things to do still but it feels like the clock is ticking and we're running out of time, that's why I told baby to come out on his due date no more no less so mom and dad can prepare good for him! =P

...the hospital where I will deliver...

Eventhough our last week started crazy it ended pretty good. I received a baby shower hosted by my husband's officemate and we got so much stuffs from them. Lots of clothes, baby things and most important of all.... we felt so special with everything. We had good dinner, opened gifts later on and had some desserts and coffee before we all said goodbye to each other. More like a 4hr affair, we feel so so so blessed! I will share photos later on and blog more about it after my second baby shower to be hosted by my husband's cousin. Again I'd like to thank all of you who kept praying for my FIL's speedy recovery and for always being here with me, with us.
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22 Responses
  1. Dear Ayie, thanks for updating news.
    Be always positive, we are praying for his faster recover.
    And about your baby, everything will be fine, it's really a blessing! :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Ayie,
    I have missed many of your posts, and very sorry to hear about your FIL..I'm glad that everything turns out well though, and have put your blog on my blog list so I won't miss your post again..

    Take care dear Ayie..

  3. Diane AZ Says:

    Ayie, I wish your FIL a speedy recovery. I like the pictures of the hospital where you will deliver. The baby showers sound like fun. Take care. :)

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    Glad to know your FIL is doing great. War...baby shower? :D

  5. Pacey Says:

    Wishing you all the best on your upcoming delivery Ayie and for a fast recovery of your FIL. All things happen for a reason, take it easy and don't forget to de-stress yourself. :) Thanks for the visit and for the nice comments.

  6. lina Says:

    Glad to hear about your FIL.

    With your baby's birth coming soon, don't forget to take it easy, Ayie.

    Take care.

  7. Sidney Says:

    Wish FIL a prompt recovery!
    Wow ! Exciting times ahead !
    Good luck !

  8. Indrani Says:

    That was a nice update. I am glad you are enjoying your baby showers. :)

  9. Anya Says:

    Please take care......
    (Think on your little baby :-)
    Nice to read your up dates !!!!
    I send you positive power to go on ......

  10. iamthewitch Says:

    Ah baby showers are so nice! Awaiting for your baby pictures!

  11. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Wow..your BIG day is coming. I'm so excited for you. Glad to know your FIL is feeling better now.

    Can't wait to see what you got from the baby shower. It's great to have baby showers. :D

  12. Carver Says:

    I'm glad your father in law is recovering. Take good care of yourself and the baby. You will be having it before you know it with a due date that close.

  13. zakkalife Says:

    Hi Ayie,

    Sorry to hear about your FIL but it sounds like he's doing better now.

    Looking forward to seeing some baby pictures in a month :)


  14. glad your FIL is recuperating well. you need to take care too and i can hardly wait for your baby's arrival.

  15. levian Says:

    glad to hear that your FIL is recovering. n you have a great time enjoying one shower after another! this deserve nothing less than celebration! :D

  16. tigerfish Says:

    I am sure you will be getting very busy soon..take good care, ok?

    P.S: the marrow squash/luffa can be bought from Ranch 99. I always see it there.

  17. [SK] Says:

    oh, it's just like a month away!! i'm feeling excited for the arrival of you baby too~~ :p

  18. Bengbeng Says:

    glad about yr FIL recovering. take it easy

  19. J.H Says:

    wow, baby shower! must update your blog as soon as your baby arrive :-)

  20. Tes Says:

    Praying for his recovery, dear Ayie! The baby is almost due..such a blessing, your bundle of joy, Ayie! :)

  21. Elaine Yim Says:

    Glad to hear about you pleasant news. Since you are now seeing the gynae on a weekly basis, baby's schedule is very very near already. I'd like to wish you a speedy, easy and smooth delivery.

  22. Merryn Says:

    21 Feb.. wow.. will be anticipating in lots of suspense ayie :D

    hope u n hubs can get the place ready by then.. take care ok?


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