I'm the least techie person when it comes to computer problems and I just simply let my brother or my husband do the works not unless I have no choice but to troubleshoot it myself. I guess it's just me not wanting to mess up with the computer because it's tedious with all the wires, cables, installations and all.

How important is it really to keep a well maintained computer? Personally I'd say it's very important since my work highly depends on it. I'll be damned if something goes wrong and I can't work for the day, it happened several times and it just really messed my day. All my works got delayed thus leaving me more works to do the next days.

I try to take care of the unit as much as I can by nor abusing the use giving some "breather" with my big programs and being careful with the downloads. I leave all kinds of windows drivers, computer drivers or any kind of driver updates to hubs. I diligently do scheduled virus scans to protect it with my everyday use, nothing too techie for me. This way I can help improve and generally enhance the unit's performance.

Little things help right?

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3 Responses
  1. levian Says:

    virus protections are essential if connected to the internet. the rest are probably just disk cleaning n defragmenting to enhance the speed a little. you are right, little things usually help the most. ;)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Agree Ayie. It's very important to keep our PC in damn good condition. Especially if your life (work etc.) depended on it. :p

  3. I am with you about techie stuffs, but I don't have anyone to count on for rescue..

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