I finally finished my big box of presents for my family!!! It's actually long been done but hubs' schedule was so tight during the holidays, the expected long vacation didn't turn out to be as expected because he had to come back rifgt after Christmas weekend. Our original plan of dropping the box off to the cargo office was delayed for another week after the New Year so as the baby shopping. Only if that box can fit in mailboxes / residential mailboxes then it will be a total surprise for them and faster delivery too. Having that box forwarded through a shipping company will take about 30days sailing to reach home.

I didn't fully document anymore what I put in the box, I was lazy to take photos of everything so I just snapped a quick one before I further stuffed and sealed it. Most stuffs are for our naughty Elisse and my younger sis. I told her I will send her many baking mixes and other sweet treats for her, she's such a sweet tooth! As for Elisse I got her some plush toys, books and clothes, many denims and snacks too. I just put some gifts for the rest of my family (mom, dad, grandma & bro) plus for my bestfriend of course and my childhood friend in the village. I also sneaked junk foods for my siblings there, I need to do some spoiling too! hehe! They mostly eat healthy home cooked foods at home so junkies from me won't be so bad! Mom can't say anything about it nor they can do something about those goods, no other way but to eat! Iam not telling them anything but I hinted sis I will send a box soon but later after Christmas and just don't mom about it. I can't wait til they get a notice letter in the mailbox or receive a call from the cargo company! I wish to see all the clothes fit to Elisse perfectly coz I am not sure of her size anymore after being away for almost a year now.

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24 Responses
  1. fufu Says:

    cookies.... oh... i love butter cookies... any left for me? lol anyway happy 2010 :)

  2. levian Says:

    this will be such a surprise for them! we all love surprises! you are so sweet for keeping it from them while trying to put things together to send back. the bear cookies looks fun, do they have bear heads as the design? :)

  3. iamthewitch Says:

    Oh such a sweet thought from you!!! I am sure they would be delighted to receive the gifts! :)

  4. RNSANE Says:

    I can imagine what excitement your big box is going to generate when it arrives! I hope they take lots of pictures to send you as they unpack everything!

  5. Tekkaus Says:

    War...so many cute stuff in there. Can you send me one too Ayie? LOL :D

  6. wenn Says:

    so nice of u to send them nice stuffs.

  7. You are so sweet, Elisse will love it and your family as well!
    Beautiful heart and words...
    I also love to make surprises and give beautiful gifts for those I love!
    Great idea!

  8. Mummy Gwen Says:

    You are the best, ganda. Elisse will be very happy. So many toys for her! Your family and friends will be very excited and happy to receive this big box of goodies.

  9. betchai Says:

    you actually did the right thing of shipping it to our courier Ayie, I tried before sending a box through post office, I even paid for the higher fee, thinking it will get to them sooner, no problem in US Post Office, but the one in Philippines, took a longer time, plus the post office asked them to pay for tax ( several thousands), I told myself it would be the last I will ship a box through post office to Philippines.

  10. [SK] Says:

    wow, that is a lot of presents for your family.. you know what?? i am eyeing on the cookies!! hahaha :D

  11. Ayie Says:


    happy 2010 to you! Butter cookies? hmmm we still have a can here..hehe

  12. Ayie Says:


    Yup I think the cookies have bear design on it.

  13. Ayie Says:


    They also been sending me stuffs here and it really made me and hubs happy when we receive even the smallest things from them. I hope they will like the stuffs I sent them.

  14. Ayie Says:


    I am not so sure about them snappiung photos as they open it. I am the one who's like that, I guess mom will just open it or ask sis to open and Elisse will dig in to see what's for her! haha

  15. Ayie Says:


    A plush toy too for you? hehe

  16. Ayie Says:


    They are my family so it's really ok. I am happy to do that. Besides mom really spent big bucks when she sent me stuffs too. It's more expensive from there to here.

  17. Ayie Says:


    The feeling is very different when you get to give them some kind of surprise right?

  18. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Sexy,

    I hope the clothes will fit elisse and I can tell she'll love the bunnies =)

  19. Ayie Says:


    Oh that's wrong move! Because even the smallest package it it goes thru post office then they require you to pay this and that. Better just door to door cargo like what I used. It will also save you a lot. I only paid $38 for that, good deal right?

  20. Ayie Says:


    There's a lot more under...I packed so much cookies there...oreo, chips ahoy, ritz...alot =P

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats on finishing with the box..Lots of fun things and some yummy cookies too!

  22. Tes Says:

    Oh wow, I can relate to this, Ayie! Even I love to fill up a balik-bayan box! I hope the clothes fit her. Exiting! :)

  23. Ayie Says:


    I was even tempeted to get some of the cookies there! hahaha thanks =)

  24. Ayie Says:


    It feels so good when you fill up the box and think of sending it back home right? I will do that again soon! haha

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