This past year has been a very tough year for most people including us financially. Me and hubs had to do so much things which involved a lot of spending. Starting January last year we had to finance for the house renovation and finishing (their place) there in the Philippines and at the same time I had settle our flight tickets going here (had to be far away from my family). After that house thing we handled airfare tickets for his whole family (4pax) to migrate back here then followed by car maintenance and repairs (oil, tires, shocks, brake job, etc. check out Dallas auto repair for reference). I never thought the whole year passed with us just having to settle so much things!

Despite having such tough year, there were so many things in which we should be so thankful for like finally being together after long years apart, conceiving our first baby, started to add funds back to our Philippines accounts (to keep it active), hubs' office finally recovered from the economy stress, met new people (hubs' relatives, officemates, friends & my blogger friends) and most of all we've been healthy and safe all year through. Sometimes when things seem to go wrong we don't get to see the light and get all shattered at once. Yes so much things happened last year but as I ponder, I am just so happy to make it through with my husband by my side. I can proudly say we passed a year's test! I know there will be more years to come and more hurdles or troubles along the way, nothing in this life comes easy right? I believe we just need to make things work no matter what.

All our plans were put on hold last year, major plans for our future. We originally planned to buy a house right away but maybe it's not meant just yet. A car addition didn't push through also but we're seriously working on it now. Baby will need a good 4-door car and better if we can get something like SUVs or pick-up cars (Toyota, Chevrolet Silverado, etc) that has good space even for hauling things so when we finally move out from our apartment we definitely won't have problems with our things. Travel plan was also set aside but we managed to go around and enjoy even just going to nearby places here. Perhaps something that I learned from this past year is to be content and see things positively no matter how rough things can be.

What do you think this new year will bring you?

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7 Responses
  1. Dora Says:

    I don't think much but work for the best for baby & try to enjoy the process + relax in between :-)

  2. foongpc Says:

    So you went through a tough time last year? Well, hope it's better this year! For me, there would always be challenges but I am positive minded and choose to look at the bright side of things.

    And I'm always happy, no matter what! : )

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    I'm sure this year will be better Ayie. :)I thing me and my wife will face something similar like that too. Ha :D Nonetheless this is life. And we are going to soldier on.

  4. Carver Says:

    Those are beautiful shots. Wishing you and yours a good year ahead. Sometime appreciating the beauty and places nearby is fun even if travels are put on hold.

  5. levian Says:

    it will only bring more surprises n happiness. we just have to be sure of grabbing it when it pass by! indeed, being content, positive, n understanding is most important i would say. :)

  6. Mariuca Says:

    I am glad to see u putting the good with the bad, here's to a terrific 2010 sweetie! With the baby coming, everything should be brighter, hugs! :)

  7. Tes Says:

    2009 is good as gone, Ayie! You have so much to look forward to this year, esp with your bundle of joy just about to see the world! *hugs*

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