Last May 16 we were invited to attend the air museum opening in Santa Clara County but I honestly don't know where's the exact location (so please no questions about the location). At first I thought we'll be going to San Francisco Air museum but as my hubs navigated through the road, I knew it's not going there. I think after an hour drive we finally arrived at the location. The first thing that caught my attention was the hot air balloon. From the parking you can see people flocking on the ground trying to get their lift, it's free as far as I know. The balloon won't go all the way up and fly across places, just to cater the experience of getting up there above everybody. There's a ride which I badly wanted to try but my hubs chicken out...ahahaha sorry baby! I forgot how it's called and it sounds a little like fast track or something. Sorry about that, I'm quite bad listening at times most especially when my eyes are feasting somewhere else. Those are small fight planes in which you can ride with the trained pilot, cool right? Imagine riding those classic planes! There's a fee for that ride for grown ups and for kids and teens, free. I was told I could be mistaken as a teen so I can have a free ride but I wasn't able to do it anymore. It was hard to persuade hubs knowing he has fear of small planes and also the line was too long. We would have to wait like an hour under the scorching sun just to have that ride and we couldn't afford to lose time for our later compromise.

I have roughly 300 photos taken from this event alone so it's so hard to choose which one to post and not. I decided to make a slideshow so I can share more of the photos than having a very long post. I know it's quite tiring scrolling all the way down seeing a very long post. But this is just the first batch of photos by the field before we even entered the display / museum area. I hope you'll like the photos! Btw, the blue car looks better for me right? I think he's too tall for that little speedy =) I was hoping they would allow us to have a little test drive, hehe!

They have some souvenirs available, these remote control planes would make a good collection. We were not ready for any buying that time so I'm good with just having photos, maybe next time around. They also have other commemorative shirts, books, medals and posters. See the sexy ladies? Any of you who has specific t-shirt collection?

This is just the first part of the air show installment. More cars and planes next time =)
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46 Responses
  1. betchai Says:

    Hi Ayie, I enjoyed watching your slideshow. I wanted to make that one too with accompanying music but I do not know how :( hahah! I such a techie challenged!

    Anyway, so nice to see you and your hubby enjoying the airshow. I love that cabled lifted balloon. O yeah, you look so lovely there with the blue car :)

  2. Ayie Says:

    Hi Betchai!! Yey, the car is mine! ahaha, as if! I think I'm too blue there =) hehe

    I tried using picasa for my slideshow but something went wrong so I tried windows movie maker. You can also try rockyou.com or photobucket and also some other photo storage sites. The song didn't finish, I didn't have much patience to edit and make it fit throughout the slides.

  3. great captures Ayie. the blue car certainly looks fabulous and bewitching.

    while i was in turkey a few years ago, there was an option to go hot air ballooning but i missed the experience as it was far too expensive for my budget.:(

  4. All excellent shots of classic planes, I'd love to go somewhere like that. LOL! I can dream big though.

  5. good afternoon Ayie and enjoy your Thursday dear.

  6. lina Says:

    Morning Ayie!!! Or is it evening to you? :D

    Cool event. I would love to ride in a classic plane someday. Or a hot air balloon. :-)

  7. I want to cry now....why can't they have it in my place? Uwaaa...furthermore, I love model kits.

  8. Bengbeng Says:

    very clever of u to do this slide show with song... i wish i could do stuff like this

  9. ladyviral Says:

    ooog interesting.. it is funny how i would never go to this myself. but when someone said they went and all, i would wanna go :P.

  10. Ayie Says:

    Goodevening there Ramblings! I read your comments lastnight when hubs was checking =)

    Yeah I remember your turkey posts, many great places there. So they had the air balloon too, you could've given it a try it it was not too expensive. There's always next time =)

    There'll be more planes and cars on the next parts, I'll see you around ok? =) btw, thanks for your compliments!

  11. Ayie Says:

    You're right Lina, and now it's good morning here and good evening to you!

    Maybe when you go travel here you can try all those rides =) Too bad I missed my chance that time =(

  12. Ayie Says:

    Willie, oh so many model kits to choose from during the exhibition. We didn't dare ask how much since we were decided not to buy any.

  13. Ayie Says:

    Willie, do you have a large collection of model kits already?

  14. Ayie Says:

    Bengbeng, the slideshow was not that hard to do. It's my first time trying it. I was having a dilemma deciding which photos to post so i came up with the slides. Are you using windows? You can try windows movie maker =)

  15. Ayie Says:

    Ladyviral, so the lazy girl who wouldn't hit up the museum? lol

    Sometimes thinking of going to such event is boring but when you're actually there you start enjoying everything. I was quite excited coz it's my first time, I knew I'll have a photo frenzy! haha!

  16. Carver Says:

    Great shots. Looks like so much fun.

  17. Ayie Says:

    Thanks Carver, it was fun!

  18. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Nice pics, ganda. You look so cool with the car! I don't think I'm brave enough to sit on those small planes..haha. Great outing. :)

  19. Ayie Says:

    Hi mummy sexy, thanks! Hehe, I'm so Blue with the car =P

    I'm so thankful for the invite, it was courtesy of my hubs office secretary and husband =)

  20. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow! 1 hour of ride. That's really far huh! Haha :D I wanna tell your hubby you said he chickened out. LOL :P I have never gone onto any air balloon too. I wonder how it feels.

  21. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow! You have 300 hundred shots? My...you must be a trigger happy shutterbug huh! :D

  22. Ayie Says:

    Hi Tekkaus! That was pretty far and don't worry, my hubs reads my blogs so he knew what I wrote here =P Will you dare try a hot air balloon or those fight planes?

    Hahaha, I was even helping myself from shooting too much coz we have some place to go afterwards. But I admit, I'm a trigger happy shutterbug =D

  23. foongpc Says:

    So where is this event held? haha, juz kidding!

    You could be mistaken as a teen? really?

    Your hubby has fear of small planes? He's claustrophobic or is it only on planes?

  24. foongpc Says:

    Yes, that blue car looks perfect for you! But too small for your hubby?

    Wow! 300 photos! Just clicking away like mad?

    I would love to go up that hot air balloon, though I'm afraid of heights! : )

  25. foongpc Says:

    OK, better go sleep now. It's still early here at 12.50am. What's the time over there? 9.50am?

  26. foongpc Says:

    Wait!! We are 15 hours apart or is it 9 hours?

  27. Ayie Says:

    15-16 foong...i think 16 right now. haha lost track. So is it around 1am there now?

  28. Ayie Says:

    Foong, too many questions! ahahaha!

    -that's what i was told about, I could be mistaken as a teen or early 20's...flaterring hehe

    -small planes are quite shakey...the turbulence is quite terrible with small planes so I think that's why. He's only used with big planes since he's crossing pacific on flight.

  29. Ayie Says:


    -I think it's also my height that's why I'm mistaken to be young =), hubs too tall (6'4") for the blue car...his bro even exclaimed he looks like as long on the car *lol*

    -Oh no foong, I can click madder believe me...the sd sometimes gets full

    -hot air balloon seems fun but I also have fear of heights =)

  30. Ayie Says:

    Nytnyt Foong! thanks for dropping by =)

  31. JIF Hub Says:

    I enjoyed this day, it was perfect. I love planes, I really do... but I will reveal this... it is small planes with propellers that injects fear in me hahahaha! I would feel much better if it was a jet or a plane with turbines (I think turbine is the correct term..) Maybe one day I'll do it Ayie... to face my dreadful fears.. same goes with open water diving... I think I'll start a bucket list!

  32. Superman Says:

    you really have nice photos there. I love those model planes. really great to have such event over there. Last time used to collect Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt but now no more as always stuck in here and no chance to visit anymore Hard Rock cafe. Is there one in your place?

  33. betchai Says:

    HI Ayie, thanks a lot. I will try those you have mentioned. I tried Photobucket previously, but they limit the pictures to a very few only. You have lots there, which is good :)

    Have a good weekend

  34. [SK] Says:

    hahaha, an over 6ft huge hunk chicken out hot airbaloon?? this is something interesting~~ i'll support you Ayie, show him the courage and boldness of a barely 5ft lady!! girl power~~ hahaha!! :D

  35. Ayie Says:

    jifdc, the planes are great! All the classics displayed are simply hard to resist... photographing. It's ok, everybody has fears... I don't specifically enjoy those small planes but to try, I can dare do that.

  36. Ayie Says:

    Superman, so you collect shirts! There's one in San Francisco pier 39, I'm not sure yet if there's HRC nearby, haven't seen any around. Thanks for the compliments! I think you'll enjoy the vintage cars too =)

  37. Ayie Says:

    Hi Betchai, go ahead and try...it's hard to choose from numerous photos to post for the blogs. I find this way as a very good option in posting.

    How was your weekend? Anyway, I'm late with my reply... have a great week ahead! Happy Monday!

  38. Ayie Says:

    SK, hehehe my hubs laughed out loud when he read your comment! *lol*

    Well, he's not really into "propeller type" planes just like I'm not into cruise ships and liners. =) Travelling 16hrs on air with strong and bad turbulence along the way in a big plane is tolerable, imagine with small planes? haha that explains why =)

  39. levian Says:

    that is a lot of photographs you have taken!
    you kinda lured me with the hot air balloon, i wanted to try it out too.
    but at the same time, i am afraid of height. :p

  40. Ayie Says:

    Levian, the hot air balloon is really inviting right? Too bad our time was limited, no chance to have much fun with the rides. =)

  41. levian Says:

    totally able to imagine it especially after you shown so many photographs.
    there were so many to look at! :D

  42. Ayie Says:

    I was in clicking frenzy that time....so many nice shots not to miss, better take all chances.

  43. Mokihana Says:

    My father in law, who lived with us till his death several years ago, used to work for Lockheed as a flight test mechanic. He LOVED anything having to do with airplanes and remembered the time that one of the Wright brothers came to visit. He had some wonderful stories to tell and I wish he were here now to see your photos.

  44. Ayie Says:

    Hi Mokihana, welcome to my blog! Sorry to hear about your father, I bet you missed him dearly when you came across the planes here. I'm glad that you, at least saw the airplanes in behalf of your father. =) Thanks!

  45. J.H Says:

    that's look enjoyable... in fact VERY enjoyable. How I wish britain could have a weather like that :-(

  46. Ayie Says:

    Hi JH! Nice to see you here! I pass by your blog from time to time and sometimes leaves comments too. I love your beautiful scenic shots there.

    Anyway, the weather's good that day but it got too hot. The wind was still chilly but the sun was too strong to beat the cold air. It was indeed a very fun day! Thanks!

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