Yesterday we went for a little outdoor time, made the little joy chased bubbles, biked a little bit then walked to Walgreens. As we were browsing around, J found interesting toys and I started fishing out ideas for Christmas presents. He got hooked with one toy, the Hungry Hippo. He remembered how much he liked playing with his friend's Hungry Hippo. He had a hard time letting to of the toy so I told him he can ask Santa for it on Christmas.

A day passed and he hasn't forgotten about that little toy. Early morning he told me he doesn't want Chuggjngton anymore for Christmas, just Hungry Hippo. So I told him he can write a letter and ask Dear Old Santa his request. With much whining and fussing getting tired finishing the letter, he managed to do his letter. Now, Santa better make sure he gets the much requested present, a little boy worked so hard to finish that letter.

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  1. lina Says:


    Send J my hugs and kisses ya. :)

  2. Unknown Says:

    I don't usually go and comment on your posts but I am having a hard time loading the page. Sometimes I have to click refresh a few times before I see it. Other times the page its just white? :s

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