Happy Wednesday to all!

Here's my come back post for all of you!

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74 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Hi ya Ayie!

    I wish I know how to windsurf. That'll be cool.
    I kinda miss my days learning to sail the catamaran, yonks and yonks ago. :)

  2. lina Says:

    And welcome back! You've been missed.

    Everything settled by now, I hope? Do take care of yourself, you hear?

  3. how's it going Ayie? hope everything's well for you and your family.

  4. windsurfing looks like a lot of fun and it's agreat outdoor adventure. great shots.

  5. levian Says:

    you made the second photograph pretty unique! :D

  6. Pie Says:

    Cool photos! I love all three. Happy WW.

    Mine are here and here.

  7. ladyviral Says:

    Happy WW, Ayie.

    Welcome back to us :P.

    Windsurfing sure is fun! I want to try that one day hehe~

  8. Indrani Says:

    Terrific captures!

  9. CK Ng Says:

    That must be fun. Happy WW! ^o^

  10. I like the transition from black and white to color. It looks cold in every shot though brrr... Happy WW

  11. Cherry Says:

    great shots, Ayie! happy WW!

  12. Tekkaus Says:

    Looks fun! :p I wonder if there are sharks lurking underneath of them. LOL :D

  13. Tekkaus Says:

    Thanks for sharing Ayie! Have a nice day. :p

  14. Hello sweet!
    You did a fabulous work with these pictures!
    Very creative!
    Léia :)

  15. Unknown Says:

    Very nice! Also...thanks for commenting yesterday! I have another one today!

  16. Bengbeng Says:

    happy ww. take yr time with yr blogging. it is meant to be fun :)

  17. rainfield61 Says:

    Happy WW. Luckily it is only wordless, I still able to see pictures.

  18. wenn Says:

    if only i know how to surf..

  19. That's a really nice set of photos. Happy WW

  20. Vixen Says:

    They are all so terrific, I can hardly decide which I like most. I think its the black and white of the first one.

  21. Sidney Says:

    I agree with you...most HK vendors are rude! :-(

    That looks like fun... you captured the action well !

  22. Carver Says:

    Great shots. Looks like so much fun.

  23. Ayie Says:


    Aww so sweet of you! Nice to hear that...I will don't worry. Thanks for the concern. More or less settled now but there will be upcoming stress when papa comes back from el salvador so for now better just take things easy.

    Maybe this isn't for me, I'll need special specs for swimming since my eyes are really bad.

  24. Ayie Says:


    We're more or less stable right now, thanks both for concern and compliments =)

    happy WW!

  25. Ayie Says:


    I wanted it to look more special than my usual posts =)

  26. Ayie Says:

    Pie, Thanks...I'm coming!

  27. Ayie Says:


    looks really fun but i find it so heavy to maneuver...hahah or I'm just chicken! hehe

  28. Ayie Says:


    Thanks! glad you like all!

  29. Ayie Says:


    well i had fun snapping shots too! Happy WW!

  30. Ayie Says:


    it was freezing cold that day =P

  31. Ayie Says:


    Thanks Cher, happy WW!

  32. Ayie Says:


    dunno with the sharks but i know there's a nearby beach which was named after sharks "tiburon" in spanish since there's a lot there. This one is in san francisco for the 4th of july

  33. Ayie Says:


    you like? thanks dear!

  34. Ayie Says:


    thanks for checking out too!

  35. Ayie Says:


    this is my only outlet when i feel stressed... just to write away... thanks!

  36. Ayie Says:


    Ypu can count me in for wordless coz sometimes I don't know what to write about my snaps =P thanks!

  37. Ayie Says:


    don't you want to try?

  38. Ayie Says:

    Jams o donnell,

    thanks! happy ww to you!!

  39. Ayie Says:


    all photos had their own appeal so it's pretty hard to choose...thanks =)

  40. Ayie Says:


    Wow, such a nice complimet from a prof photographer! *winkwink*

  41. Ayie Says:


    I bet it is but I was amazed how she managed to stay warm in the chilly weather....

    my fun part is taking her photos!

  42. levian Says:

    n you made it happened! nice shots too. ;)
    i had never windsurf before. we've got very limited water sports around here.

  43. Stacie Says:

    Gorgeous pictures. I would love to try surfing one day.

  44. Ice Says:

    Is that you, doing the surfing, Ayie? :o)

  45. Ayie Says:


    never tried it too...never had the chance =P

  46. Ayie Says:


    If you do then show us some of your pics windsurfing =)

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome pictures! Happy WW!

  48. Ayie Says:


    Oh no no no Ai! I didn't even want to dip my feet there in the freezing waters =)

  49. Ayie Says:

    Mrs. Marine,

    Thanks! Happy WW!

  50. Heidi Says:

    I love the way you edited the black and white photo with the blue! I always love to see your photos!
    Thanks so much for coming to visit me today!

  51. BK Says:

    Great shots! It must be a wonderful feeling to be sailing. :)

  52. [SK] Says:

    from grayscale to a dash of color to full colored.. hmmm, some hidden meaning behind??

  53. Oh that looks so cool. Did it take you a while to learn how to do it?

  54. I have never tried wind surfing - I know for sure I am not strong enough!

    your tomatoes in the above post look yummy

  55. foongpc Says:

    Welcome back! Hope all is well! Windsurfing? Never done that before : )

  56. Ayie Says:


    Hi Heidi, thanks for the visit too. I wasn't able to join ww last week, so busy. Thanks for your compliments =)

  57. Ayie Says:


    It's very relaxing when you're sailing I had a chance with paraw sailing in boracay before. Thanks

  58. Ayie Says:


    no intended meaning, just giving some highlight and drama to it =)

  59. Ayie Says:

    Catherine @ the blonde diaries,

    Oh don't be mistaken, it's not me. I just took the photos. And even if I am interested to I can't since I'm currently expecting... Thanks for the visit =)

  60. Ayie Says:


    Those tomataoes are the best we've eaten so far! So fresh and it has a certain sweetness. I never tried windsurfing too, looks tough to me =)

  61. Ayie Says:


    Haven't tried that too...yet! Maybe if there's a chance in the future. Everything's so-so, still hanging there with al the things that happened lately. Thanks

  62. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Welcome back, Ayie ganda! Wow..wearing full body suit when sailing...the water must be icy cold..hehe.

  63. Ayie Says:

    Mummy sexy,

    Still up? It's in san francisco...always cold there. The water's really icy just like how you described it. Not too inviting for a dip! haha! Thanks!

  64. levian Says:

    something to look forward to in the future!
    it would be one heck of an adventure. :D

  65. Mariuca Says:

    Happy Wed sweetie, I've never tried windsurfing!

  66. Ayie Says:


    sure is!

  67. Ayie Says:


    any plans of trying?

  68. Anonymous Says:

    simply beautifully captured shots...lovely...must have been a great feeling!

  69. Marie Says:

    Gorgeous photos! I think I'd like to try that someday :-)

  70. Ayie Says:


    i enjoyed shooting those pics while those surfers were so busy doing their stuffs =)

  71. Donna Says:

    wow.. is that you?

  72. Ayie Says:


    oh no dear...i'm the one taking photos =)

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