I remember those late nights watching tv with hubs in which we usually catch the family guy or some movies. One thing that really caught our attention was that specific commercial called "Extenze". We were bursting out of laughter whenever we see that commercial (ooops sorry for those who use this product). This product is something like a male enhancer in a capsule or tablet form (I am not sure how it looks). It tickles our minds whenever a thought crosses our mind if people really use this product or maybe it's the way the words were delivered by the product endorsers. I just don't know it this commercial is only shown here in US but one night we're here in the room about to sleep we overheard another commercial from a Spanish channel when papa was watching and it was the same thing. We were like, "so they show it also in Spanish channels!" Good thing they only show this product late at night mostly when kids aren't watching anymore. We can't help but think what if kids and teens see this kind of commercial saying such stuffs. I mean most teens are getting more and more curious at this modern age, just imagine what could be the possible impact of this product with them. The catch is me and hubs don't believe these items are safe and thus have side effects in the long run. Well who knows?

(these photos are not related to the products mentioned)

Who are we to say such things about an enhancement product that we don't even know about. I tried searching for images of the product to show here but to my surprise I didn't see any of this product, other brands are all over the net though. So internet is still quite strict with those things? This is what I hate when the "curious me" hits the net.... I check even the most irrelevant (irrelevant to me, that's what I mean) thing out there. Upon googling, one site named Little Blue Pill caught my attention. Sounds cute huh? So this is what they have.... just when I thought only guys use this product I am dumbfounded and proved myself wrong. Only now I learned that there are such enhancements for ladies too. Now this truly makes me wonder what this female version does! Don't get me wrong guys and girls...I have no plans of trying these products. The only pills I'm drinking are my vitamins prescribed by my physician. This just really makes me think why people resort to this products. Call it ignorance on our part and I'm so sorry to those who patronize such products, don't be offended with my our reactions.
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9 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Hahaha :D So you can't find any products about extenze?

  2. lina Says:

    Well, you know we Asians has plenty of these so called male enhancer products sold as traditional medicine right? I wonder how the ad would be, if the products were to be advertised on national TV. :D

  3. Ayie Says:


    surprisingly no! hahaha maybe if you search more but i have really no plans of researching about it. enough that i said my piece here =)

  4. Ayie Says:


    Funny that it's really being played so many times at night here targeting adult audiences..hehe

    Oh yeah chinese have so much herbal stuffs most especially...

  5. levian Says:

    we have those "natural" kinda enhancer here too, mostly sold by rural people,
    placed within a small suitcase, just so they can be ready to run.
    but of course, none make it on tv.
    our tv station forbids any related products to be broadcast to its audience.
    keeping us kinda ignorant. :p

  6. ladyviral Says:

    This products are everywhere... just different names when advertised.

    The thing about this product it is good for those with erectile dysfunctional (no kids aorund right? :P) or the female are unlikely to feel the heat...

    But people misuse them mostly. And it turns out to be a joke from a medically proven product to assist the needed people.

    Overdosing, causing non-stop frenzy.. or maybe heart issues (I forgot one word for it where the heart suddenly stops).

    @ levian : Would you be meaning "Tongkak Ali"? :P

  7. Ayie Says:


    yeah i just remember...chinese has a lot of those natural stuffs

  8. Ayie Says:


    Hmmm, sounds like you know a lot! ahahaha just kidding...

  9. levian Says:

    ladyviral, ah yes! that would be one of those popular ones. XD

    ayie, not really. chinese around here has less of these stuff. probably only when you went into the stores to look for them. the legal ones. those i mentioned are closer to what ladyviral had said, created by the rural people, the illegals ones. which appeared to be more popular than the legal ones. :p

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