Last Saturday me and hubby were invited by his former officemate to a Diwali Dinner. We didn't know exactly what was Diwali except an Indian celebration. Her place is very far from where we live but since it's been 2yrs the last time they saw each other and for her to finally meet me, we decided to go. We wanted to just enjoy and get back in touch with a friend so off we go.

I didn't (again) bring our camera because I'm shy to snap photos there. We're not the only one invited but other of her friends as well. It turned out to be an enjoyable night chatting and meeting new faces. There I got to understand more what Diwali is while talking to one Indian guest there (sorry about the name, hard to remember and pronounce). I was told that Diwali is like an Indian Christmas or thanksgiving that's why it's meant to be shared with special people eating, spending time together and dressing up for the occasion. They were all pleased when we greeted them "Happy Diwali".

We ate traditional Indian foods especially prepared by Asha herself. Boy, she cooks good! I knew I shouldn't eat more than 1/2 cup of rice but I simply couldn't resist it... very nice and tasty! Despite not serving any meats there it didn't really matter because everything was just so delicious. Couldn't eat much too because spicy foods are quite a no-no for pregnant women. I was happy already to try all those authentic dishes she prepared.

We didn't stay too long and left around 10:30pm. They were going to start the cake cutting that time. We're delighted to see the cake we brought there was taken out for everybody to enjoy. Do you think we came home empty handed? nope! Asha gave us a gift too (and all other guests) and it's so sinful for me to indulge right now so it's for hubs =) Pretty tempting huh? Isn't she so nice to hand everybody such a gift?

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44 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Happy Diwali Ayie.

    The food look absolutely yummy! :)

  2. Salitype Says:

    lucky you girl, lucky you indeed for enjoying an authentic indian cuisine. i loveeeeee indian cuisine, my mouth is watering already!

    yummy, yummy!


  3. Tekkaus Says:

    So this was the Diwali dinner you had lar? OMG! You were so lucky. I bet you and Junior really enjoyed all the foods there right? :p

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    I like the dish with cheese. OMG! I could imagine it melting in my mouth right now. :D

    And of course the chocolate!!!!

  5. No doubts your friend Asha is a fabulous chef de cuisine!It looks delicious! :)
    Very interesting post, I din't know about this Diwali, nice to learn with you sweet Ayie!

  6. The foods look delicious! I'm glad you had a good time..

  7. maricar Says:

    yummylicious! Ayie ;)

    never heard of Diwali before, thanks for this post Ayie, we learned something new again from you ;)

    it's similar to Bedouin's food in Bahariyya Egypt, they are simply delicious ;) it's always good to try and discover another culture ;)

  8. Cherry Says:

    the truffle is sinful! Diwali here is called Deepavali which according to my Indian friend/ex-colleague Sujana, means Festival of Lights. :)

  9. wow, the indian cuisine looks sinfully delicious. you're making me so hungry.

  10. rainfield61 Says:

    Indian food is delicious, especially the spicy curry, hmmmmmm.

  11. foongpc Says:

    Those photos were not taken by you? Yeah, if me, I also shy to take photos with so many guests around!

  12. foongpc Says:

    Glad you had a great dinner and how nice of your friend to give you a gift!

  13. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Oh..you didn't know what is Diwali? It's like Chinese New Year for the chinese..hehe. My Hubby and I love Indian food. But too bad..no invitation this year..hehe.

  14. Ayie Says:


    Really yummy and I can bet you won't hesitate for second serving =)

  15. Ayie Says:


    It's my first Authentic Indian dinner and I'm very very pleased =) I can tell now why you love it =)

  16. Ayie Says:


    It was great...both the experience and the dishes! We very much enjoyed everything. Oh you like the chocs? such a sweet tooth! hehehe

  17. Ayie Says:


    Only now I knew about it too. I'm glad we went there, such a great experience.

  18. Ayie Says:

    Icy BC,

    A little time off from home is great sometimes plus some new tasty dishes to add up with the experience. =)

  19. Ayie Says:


    It's best to try other dishes than be stranger to it, agree?

  20. levian Says:

    wow, the cheese covered thing looked appetizing. :p
    it sure felt like christmas, with all the foods around,
    imagining it on the table had me drooling hard. XD

  21. Ayie Says:


    Yeah it's the festival of lights for them and since it's very important the treat it like how we do things on our Christmas =)

  22. Ayie Says:


    I was at first afraid to try the dishes knowing it's spicy but later on I completely enjoyed everything. So simple, no meats but delish!

  23. Ayie Says:


    Maybe next time around I will bring my cam at least I can be more comfortable =)

    and yes she's so nice to hand us out that choc box

  24. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Sexy,

    Nope, my first time to really be immersed to the Diwali celeb. I don't really have Indian friends around, that's why. No invite this year? Maybe it's timely too since hubby's not around also.

  25. Ayie Says:


    That's a baked stuffed tomato with green peas, spices and cheese chunks. Sure tasty and very appetizing!

  26. ladyviral Says:

    Wow. The bakes stuffed tomato is yummy. though I would live without the greenpeas hahaha.

    Yummy food.. I am going to have my Diwali's Open house for this diwali this saturday. Probably the only one too hahaha. I will try to take pictures ;).

  27. Bengbeng Says:

    Happy Diwali. U r very fortunate to have had that experience. I have yet to experience Diwali. No opportunity so far.

  28. Ayie Says:


    It was yummy but a bit spicy =P She didn't serve anything with meats just all veggies and cheeses

    Try to snap some photos and show us =)

  29. Ayie Says:


    Oh so so good!

  30. Ayie Says:


    Who knows, maybe next year you'll get your chance =)

  31. levian Says:

    wow, stuffed tomato!
    i have yet try out something like that.
    must be interesting as well as delicious. ;)

  32. zakkalife Says:

    Seriously making me hungry.

  33. Ayie Says:


    All delicious!!

  34. Ayie Says:


    It was so good but too big for me so I shared with hubs =)

  35. Ayie Says:

    Kawaii crafter,

    it also does make me hungry everytime i look at the pictures =)

  36. [SK] Says:

    we have Diwali holiday over here, but we named this as Deepavali instead.. guess it's how northen and southern indians name them, but they both mean the same thing - festive of lights.. it's about a hero killed a devil, and the people lit up lights to celebrate the success..

  37. [SK] Says:

    those indian food look familiar to us here actually.. the 1st photo (i think it's bhaji), the 3rd photo (the naan bread) and the 6th photo (dhaal) are amongst the more popular ones here..

  38. Mariuca Says:

    Diwali is the Festival of Lights sweetie!

  39. Mariuca Says:

    The food looks delish, I've been meaning to visit my fave Northern Indian rest here..called d'tandoor...they serve the best indian food, I love! :)

  40. Ayie Says:


    you still know the foods!

  41. Ayie Says:


    there's tandoori here...is that indian? hehehe i really have no idea! maybe i should check it out one time =)

    oh i bet you love indian foods since you are into spicy dishes

  42. Anonymous Says:


    love it!

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