SIL finally is on break from school (5th grade) and we're suggesting they go to Myrtle Beach Resort for some good time in the beach. Even though we know Myrtle Beach Resorts too far from here, it's still okay since it's a week long vacation and they can see other places and appreciate the trip more. We can only suggest since we can't go and join them, me and hubs are working plus baby.

We were laying out all activities they can possibly do there like golfing, watch some shows, eat out and shopping. There are also some amusement parks for kids within the vicinity so kids can really enjoy. Knowing SIL's creative side, she can also enjoy building sand castles. Perhaps staying in Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort will be best for them. With so much Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts accommodations there, they can just choose which suits their budget best. Whatever their decision will be, whether they will go or not we hope they will get SIL involve with some good activities before she goes back to school.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe one of these days they can make it, so will I!

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