Baby's growing and it's getting harder for us to carry may things in our compact car. Putting the infant carrier alone in the car is not that convenient considering we only have 2-doors and he has to be placed rear facing on the back seat. It was easier before when he was newly born since he's lighter, but now he's getting chunky and heavy =)

...@ 1week...

We finally have the funds needed for our car addition so thinking if it should be small or big. Ideally we want SUV type body so it has good space even if we need to carry bulky things like stroller, car tools, infant carrier and groceries. Size is the first and foremost consideration but prices must be highly considered too. Kia Sorento prices and Ford Fusion prices are a bit too high for our budget now but looking at the body, it's very ideal for our needs. If we don't need to have size consideration, cute small cars can be good to have considering mazda Mazda3 prices and Honda Fit prices are just right. I guess baby will decide which one he likes best =P

...@ 2months...
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19 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Go for the big one Ayie. Safer I guess. :D

  2. lina Says:

    For us, we make do with compact car. Now, if the brood is getting bigger - then it's time to change to a bigger car. :D

  3. When I was still a bachelor, I bought a compact car, but today, I have a medium-size car for my family. I think it is worth buying.

  4. iamthewitch Says:

    Get a big and safe car ayie! :)

  5. Merryn Says:

    Baby's getting cuter by day :)

  6. [SK] Says:

    hmmm, i think it's time for a bigger car, a family car..

  7. i guess big cars are more spacious and comfortable.

  8. have a wonderful weekend and Happy Spring!

  9. btw, your baby is adorable and he has chubby cheeks. *pinch, pinch*

  10. Mummy Gwen Says:

    You should get a bigger car, Ayie. :) Oh...baby is getting chubbier and cuter each day. You are doing very well taking care of him. ^_^

  11. Pete Says:

    Growing real fast......getting cuter!

  12. fufu Says:

    wow wow wow...
    adorable!!! hihihihi =p

  13. Elaine Yim Says:

    Bigger car is definitely more comfortable if you can afford it. If baby is happy travelling in car, everyone will be happy. Soon, maybe there will be another and another additon to the family! :)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    When my children were small, I opted for minivan, especially when we had to make many trips to the city..

    (On a different note, have you any trouble with paid ad reviews with B.?, be careful!)

  15. Sidney Says:

    He looks like an angel !

  16. betchai Says:

    it's both :) baby is getting bigger and though the car is big can still be small. hope you get the perfect car for your family's needs Ayie, happy weekend.

  17. mimi Says:

    hi ayie..some thoughts..if i were to add another car,(more likely when I have children) i will go for SUV since my first car also a-two-doors car.. it's all up to u. nway, cant wait to see your new furnished house!:)

  18. J.H Says:

    oh Ayie, I know exactly what you mean having to place a baby on his baby seat with 2 door car. I did underestimate how HEAVY a 9 month old baby (also on the top of that you have to wrestle to get him seated), luckily for me... it's just a rental car.

  19. awww... I want to carry and cuddle your baby. He's so adorable. It's been a long time since I take care of a baby. Looking forward to my grandchildren. :)

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