I met Ana Daisy year 2004 when hubs who was just dating me that time asked me if I can go with him to his sister. I went with him and he introduced me to her, through a silent prayer. Yes you're seeing it right, she's already up there watching over us here. My husband loves his sister so much and meeting her was something very meaningful to him. When hubs left 2005 to go back here in US I took over one of things that he always does before during his stay in the Philippines, cleaning and painting the tombstone for his dear little sister. I did that for 5yrs til we left for my migration. I also visit Daisy and put flowers whenever possible and most especially on special dates. I remember coming back sometime April 2007 with hubs before we got married. He told her the good news and asked for her blessings. You might find it silly us talking to a tombstone but for hubs it's something sacred.

Daisy passed away at a very young age and her remains were brought to the Philippines when hubs and his family migrated there after years of living here. They wanted a fresh new start away from the memories they had here. If you remember my post before about Enoc the older half brother for hubs, they both had the same fate. They were taken down by brain tumor and nothing more could be done to save them. With these incidents in the family we got quite alarmed and asked the doctors if it's genetic or hereditary. It scared us for our future generation. We were told anyhow that it's not genetic and how it occurred can't really be explained by science.

It's very unfortunate that people lose their loved ones in a very painful way. Having incurred something that has no cure and no matter how much you fight for your life still you'll fall to the pit. That's why it inspires me whenever I read or come across a story of hope and survival from such illness. How they did it or how it came to happen, I don't know. Just like the book Paul Cross made to inspire all those who have Mesothelioma disease which aims to give hope to those who need it. It discusses about the nature and effects of the disease and how he miraculously overcome the disease. It also suggests how to get mesothelioma lawyer or mesothelioma attorney if you happen to get affected by the disease enabling you to know your rights to get your means in securing procedures for treatments. This is for everybody, for those who wish to see light and hope in times of distress, we just have to believe and keep fighting.
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18 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    I lost my mum in a very, very painful way too. Can't help it. It is His will....

  2. Elaine Yim Says:

    They say that time heals. To have lost someone dear is very painful and it takes a long time to heal the pain. Daisy would have wanted her loved ones to let go and move on, be happy and have fond memories of her too. It is good that she is always remembered in your hubby's heart and yours. What a caring brother and sister-in-law you both are. It is because of past sadness that we appreciate our present more and it is because we have lost that we value what we have even more. That's the journey called 'Life'.

  3. lina Says:

    Time do indeed heals but we should not let time makes us forget of the beautiful memories our dearest and cherished had left behind.

  4. Mummy Gwen Says:

    So sad reading this. Yes..Gone but not forgotten. Take care dear.

  5. Carver Says:

    I'm so sorry your husband lost his sister at such a young age. I know that must be so hard.

  6. I lost my father in 98, and it stil I hurts...It's not easy...
    So sorry for your loss.

  7. mimi Says:

    sorry for your lost dear. your post made me thinking for a while..we really should live life, enjoying happy moments and always be thankful to god for what He's giving us..rite?

  8. Bengbeng Says:

    i am so sorry to read this. Time does heal but it is never totally forgotten the loss

  9. what a wonderful tribute to Ana. losing someone you loved dearly is never easy. i'm sure she'll forever be remembered by her loved ones.

  10. have a wonderful weekend. take care Ayie.

  11. Ana was so young when she left. I cannot imagine losing any of my family members.

  12. fufu Says:

    that's a huge pain!!!! but still stay strong and be happy :) probably her loss teaches us to value everyone that still alive in this globe

  13. Sidney Says:

    Our loved ones continue to live in our hearts.

  14. Anya Says:

    Very sweet tribute for Ana !!!!
    I have after reading a tear in my eye ....
    So so sorry ...

  15. Superman Says:

    Really felt sorry after reading this. Time can heal but time can never erase the sweet memory of the loved one in the heart.
    A very good post and touching one. We should value each and everyday with those we loved.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    You're keeping her memory alive though through love and care. It's so very sad to see such a young one gone so soon..

  17. Pete Says:

    Sorry, need time to heal.

  18. [SK] Says:

    she's such an adorable girl, sorry for the lost, hope she's in peace up there.. :)

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