Hubs has this friend who keeps calling him asking for their online Battlefield, Red Alert or Command and Conquer games. It's okay once in a while or even once a week but it seems like he wants it even everyday if possible. It's good that hubs get to play a little and relax after work but he admits that he doesn't have the luxury of time like what his friend has to just keep playing. We have more important things to do but once a week gaming isn't bad.

Sometimes we joke around that what his friend needs is to have his kid so he can have someone to play with and spend his time with. He seems not to be a very busy person like us so he has more time to spare doing other leisure stuffs. Or perhaps we suggest Pokerstars download or full tilt poker download for him to have something new to play around. Not a bad idea since it's free with the PokerStars bonus code, he's not getting into any compromise after all. Sometimes hubs just simply want to do his things but he doesn't want him to feel bad not giving way to his whims =P

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