I love keeping some frozen turkey patties in the fridge as it comes handy when we all of a sudden crave t eat some burger.  We're not diet crazy family but we try our best not to eat junk foods much so we can introduce a healthier diet to our growing boy.  Of course I would love to have a bite of Burger King's flame grilled patties but sometimes we just need to settle with what we have at home.  

I always just improvise when it comes to cooking.  Not all the time I'll have all ingredients to complete a dish, this won't keep me from proceeding with my cooking.  Just like this HOME-burger that we had one of those dinners, can you spot what's missing?  Yup, lettuce!  No lettuce available in my veggie tray so I used my ever ready Sauerkraut.  Why not?

J is not so fond of burgers, I can count how many times he has eaten burgers.  I remember one night when baby asked me for hamburger after seeing it on a TV commercial while we were watching together, good thing I had the basics: turkey patty, cheese slice, bread.  It wasn't even a hamburger bun but he was pretty much satisfied after convincing him for a while to have a teeny weeny bite. 
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2 Responses
  1. It's always handy to have meat patties and burger buns at home when you have hungry kids.

    long time no see and your boy is growing taller!

  2. Ayie Says:

    Hi ECL! Oh dear I've been so busy can't even keep up with my boy. Thanks for your visit here :)

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