Hello!  It's been so long since my last input here.  My boy has been growing and I have been missing so much time to share my little boy's fun activities.  He's almost 3yrs old now and it seems like days are passing by so fast.  His speech has improved a lot this past month, constructing simple sentences and learning how to put words all together. That also means he's starting to learn how to reason out, testing how to use his new found words.

I love seeing him playing most especially when he gets his hands with boxes.  he will pretend like it's his house, bed or whatever.  Of course those boxes don't last so long after a long abuse from active play.  Just look at how he's stretching out that box. 

One morning he got out of bed too early and went to his play area.  He was suspiciously quiet so I went to check, only to find him snug in a box.  I never thought he'll ever pay attention to that bin cart box since it's open on both ends and folds.  He eventually found his way on how to play with it.

This one is when he's the happiest, when he saw a huge box delivered that day.  He claimed it as his bed since it's big enough to accommodate his length.  Don't think it was just plain laying down on that box, he grabbed his blanket and pretended sleeping there as well aside from marching on top and doing all sort of things. 
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2 Responses
  1. kulasa Says:

    this made me smile...all because I used to do the same thing as what your cute son does and just this week our baby in the house...he is already turning eleven next month haha was toying with the box of one of our new electric fans and saying his imagination could take him to many places...kids and imagination...:) have a lovely week...

  2. ladyviral Says:

    he has grown! I bet he is a handful already! Oh wait.. handful? My mistake.. must be needing more hands now for this little mischievous one!

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