Climate change, I'd say there has been an extreme change here. We actually had a dry fall and winter, the anticipated rains didn't come though we're quite experiencing a slightly late winter right now. Weird right? The dryness actually scares us of the coming "hotter" summer season. When it's hot here then it's too darn hot.

Funny that when it's freezing cold we kind of complain that we couldn't enjoy the outdoors. That wasn't the case this winter since it's been pretty much pleasantly cool and warm on most days. We actually go to the parks almost everyday and stroll around the neighborhood just like what we do during Spring time.

Since there wasn't enough rains unlike last year, the snow was also very scarce. I guess you can't have the best of everything. We brought baby to Nevada to enjoy sledding and experience snow once again but it wasn't as much as before. We were lucky enough to see a good snowy area enough to play but no snowman building this time around.

The rain chains hanging on the cabins along the way were not all frosty like before. If last year we were mesmerized by the winter wonderland feel upon driving through the snowy roads and snow capped mountains, it was mostly dry with little patches of snow under the shaded trees. The icicle chains rain frozen before were at no sight at all, just plain hanging rain chain and not frozen anymore.

The rivers and streams were all just flowing though I can't forget that great view of the railroads with hanging icicles under its bridge. That's the most of what we saw for our little snow trip. Nevertheless it was fun and worth remembering, we're lucky to even find a place to do some sledding. The climate might have changed but we tried to enjoy it as much as we can.

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