We already debuted our baby but I haven't really shared what happened last January 31 prior to his early arrival. It was a busy Sunday and for some reason me and hubs decided not to go to the church to keep me exposed outside with a gloomy weather and catch colds. Many things happened also that morning. FIL's van won't start so hubs had to help him jump start and do things plus hubs decided to put the baby car seat base to make it ready anytime for baby. Me being at home didn't make me stop from working and I still moved around fixing this and that. I went through my hospital bag and baby bag and rechecked if everything's good there. Cleared some stuffs in the room and worked on some other things, even prepared lunch and dinner thought I never had a taste of that nice fish i prepared for dinner.

A little after lunch I noticed some fluid leaking and not my regular discharge, I just tried monitoring it for an hour and so and afterwards called in the hospital Labor and Delivery to ask for advice. I was told it's better if I come in for a check up so I asked hubs later in the afternoon to accompany me to the hospital to have that fluid leak checked. We came there around 6:00pm and was further assisted 7:00pm. After I was asked to give them a urine sample i had another gush of fluid leaked and it spilled right there on the floor. oh yeah what a mess! The nurses came in so i handed over the sample and told them I had some spill there too. The nurse didn't think otherwise and checked the fluid with a strip and color went blue meaning it's amniotic fluid. She also checked my sample and same color. She said I'm lucky to have spill there or else she'll have to check me using some tool to get sample, that might be ouch. Then we were told my water bag broke already and I had to stay.

Honestly I wasn't really that ready yet to be admitted to the hospital thinking we haven't set baby's crib and all waiting for my husband's family to move out our place for us to have the space for our stuffs. We also have to attend some seminars on birthing and baby care the following week and another baby shower. Those are just things not so so important but i think any mom would want to be prepared for her baby. I already had a hunch about baby coming out early and might have him by the 1st of February, I don't know how but it crossed my mind about a week or 2 ago when we did the 3d and 4d scans for baby. See, i still want to share those images but baby was quite impatient and wanted to come out fast.

this will be my fast recap on what happened during the 31st of January.... to be continued (hehe I know you guys are least interested on this since you are more after seeing baby in every post =P)
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12 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm glad you were at the hospital when that happened..

  2. Merryn Says:

    Cool... I just kenot live with anticipating the day of arrival of the baby hence my decision to get him out at 38 weeks C-sec.. i know it's silly.. but.. haih..

  3. betchai Says:

    thanks for sharing Ayie, like Icy, I am glad you are at the hospital at the right time.

  4. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Your labor seemed to progress really well. :) I had an induced labor at 38 weeks. I would love to know about your birth story, ganda

    Take care Ayie ganda and Baby. ^_^

  5. levian Says:

    you are so fortunate to be in the right place when that spill happened. would love to hear more about your story with the baby. :) sorry for not dropping by more often, i had been packed with work after chinese new year, it is difficult to visit n comment. but i will drop by whenever i have the chance. :)

  6. Superman Says:

    You are lucky to be there at that time. Will like to read more about your baby. Hehe.

  7. Anya Says:


    At the right time on the right place !!!!!
    Send you hugs and positive power :-)

  8. Tekkaus Says:

    Awww.....maybe just couldn't wait to meet you and junior sooner. :p

  9. Mariuca Says:

    Wow thanks for sharing sweetie.. I can only imagine what was going through your mind when all that happened..looking forward to ur next update... what's next?? :)

  10. fufu Says:

    yeah i wanna see you baby...

  11. Ayie Says:

    I'm also thankful for that day and everything went so well.

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